The Step by Step Method To Improving Your InfoBarrel Income

Let's Start Making Money With This InfoBarrel Success Guide!

This guide is intended to provide you with a general outline to use when creating your InfoBarrel articles. This methodology is intended to focus on making money and seeing results quickly, but there are a couple of quick things that we need to discuss before we get started. There may be a few newbies reading, so let's start with the basics.

Before diving into these hot tips for making money on InfoBarrel, it is probably a good idea to introduce the site to those who are still wondering if they should join.

What Is InfoBarrel? 

InfoBarrel is a revenue sharing site where you receive a significant slice of the earnings that your content generates on the site – mainly from the Google AdSense program. Although, you can earn money on InfoBarrel in other ways as well. For example, you can earn from Chitika, Amazon, Clickbank and many other affiliate programs. You can place two affiliate links (maximum) in your content, as long as they're not in the first paragraph.

The big attraction here is that unlike other similar revenue sharing sites, InfoBarrel allows writers who generate content on the site to keep a huge percentage of the earnings (75% or more). There are consistently contests offered on the site, which allow you to increase that percentage substantially.

You Have to Write Content That People Want to Read

Naturally, once you start submitting content to InfoBarrel, you will be looking to maximize your earnings. To do this successfully, everything that you do must be focused on getting as many people as possible to view and read your content. The more visitors you have, the more money you will make. Always keep this in mind in everything that you do. Now, let’s dramatically increase our InfoBarrel income!

Here Are Some Tips That Should Help You Dramatically Increase Your InfoBarrel Income

1. Use Social Media to Generate Ideas and Traffic

One of the first challenges that most people face on the site is how to generate great ideas that get traffic. A great article starts with a great idea. If you can write well, but are unable to generate good ideas for topics to write about, then it is unlikely that you will ever make much money. Now, this isn't always true, but you have to write articles that people want to read.

Social networking sites are very popular these days and will neatly solve this problem for you. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn enable you to find content ideas that will make you tons of cash on InfoBarrel. Note: This isn't a complete listing of the social networking sites that provide content ideas, only the ones that I use most often. 

Using this technique is really like making a painkiller available to a crowd of people who already have a headache. What will happen is that you will get a huge number of folks reading your articles or buying from you without much effort on your side. The key is that you're writing about things that people are interested in discussing.

Simply go to your favorite social networking site and look for popular topics that people are already discussing. Then find a topic associated with it or related to it, that you can write an informative article about. The fact that it is already a popular discussion topic generally means that there will be many others out there not directly involved in the discussion who will also be interested.

And so you are almost guaranteed a great article idea that will attract lots of attention and traffic. This will enable you to make plenty of cash on InfoBarrel. It is critical, in my opinion, that you check to make sure the article topic has advertisers competing for keywords. I try not to write articles on topics unless they have an average cost per click (CPC) of at least $1.00. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to accomplish this, but I prefer to use Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai. We will talk more about keyword research in a bit.

Once you find an interesting topic, you may not be able to directly write about what is being discussed, however it could give you a great idea that is related to the discussion in some way. This can still work.

Once your article has been written and has been published on InfoBarrel do not forget to join the discussion and link back to your article. Be sure to continue to add value to the discussion and not simply drop a link in a spammy manner.

2. Remember to Do Some Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital because it will help you use the right words in your title and prominently within the article to attract traffic from people seeking the kind of information that you have in your article. Again, my favorite tools are Long Tail Pro and Market Samurai.

The video below discusses how Long Tail Pro can be used to build niche sites, however the same concept applies to finding niches for articles. Instead of building a niche website, you're simply going to write a high quality article on the topic.

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Long Tail Pro Demo - Part 1

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However there is another important reason for doing this research and you will discover what it is by reading the next tip.

3. Create Quality Links Back To Your Articles

Write articles on other revenue sharing sites, article directories or Web 2.0 sites for each InfoBarrel article you publish. These articles should obviously be 100% unique and useful to the reader also. Simply find important keyword phrases related to your published InfoBarrel article and then create other articles and publish them on leading article sites. Include at least one link pointing back to your original InfoBarrel article. This is a very effective way of generating relevant traffic to your InfoBarrel article and thus earn more money. Note that the articles posted on the other site have the potential to earn income also.

Always remember that the more targeted your traffic is, the more money you will earn from your InfoBarrel articles. This is because Google AdSense ads are usually designed to be relevant to the content (or the user's search history) and if you do your job properly your content will interest those who see it. Chances are that they will want even more information and will therefore tend to click on the AdSense ads and other relevant affiliate links that will always be included within your InfoBarrel article.

There are other reasons why this strategy is so effective. You will be creating quality content on leading revenue sharing sites, article directories and web 2.0 sites using popular keyword phrases that are bound to attract traffic directly from the search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo mostly. Many of these people will click-through to your InfoBarrel articles.

Example of sites that I use to create quality backlinks to my InfoBarrel articles include, and This isn't a comprehensive listing of sites, only a few example sites. Note that the content that I create on these other sites isn't spun garbage, it's high quality useful content that also earns money. Don't waste your time creating spun content when you could be creating another valuable asset for your business.

4. Generate Content Consistently

If you want to make real money online (not just a few cents or dollars each month), then you need to work extremely hard and consistently produce quality content. Another way of looking at how you can increase your revenue on sites like InfoBarrel is to think in terms of page views. The more page views your content generates, the more money you will make – typically.

By increasing the number of articles published on InfoBarrel, your overall page views will naturally increase. In other words, the more articles you have on the site, the more money you will potentially make.

Start by creating a goal that you can stick to. Say one article a day or 3 new articles every week. You already have a system for generating a great article and content ideas as discussed in tip number one of this article. So, all you will need to do is find the time every day to work on your InfoBarrel articles (or online business in general). It will of course require lots of discipline on your part, but just keep your eyes focused on your goal of making plenty of cash through revenue sharing sites. Note that setting goals each month will help keep you on track.

It will also help a great deal if you increase your writing speed. There is plenty of useful information online on how to write faster while maintaining the high quality required for you to be successful. The good news is that you can only get better as you discipline yourself to put in some work on this project every single day without fail.

Want Content Quickly? You Could Also Outsource Most of Your Content

Obviously, outsourcing is also an option, but you have to be very careful with the content that you receive back. Much of the outsourced content that I purchased in the very beginning needed to be edited later. I now have a couple of high quality writers that I work with, which supplement the content that I provide. I generally don’t have to edit their content much, if at all. If you’re going to outsource content, be sure to find a good writer and keep them happy.

5. Your Article Titles Matter – I’m Serious

Remember that your content is almost useless if it does not attract visitors and nobody reads it. The article title or headline to any article that you generate must be the kind that grabs visitors by the neck and drags them over to your content. If it is anything less than appealing, then it will be more difficult for your content to get the attention and traffic that it deserves. It is as simple as that.

Here is an example of a search engine screenshot for an article that I have posted on InfoBarrel that gets pretty good traffic and earns money from Adsense. Notice the title is "Where to Find Wide Calf Riding Boots". The folks who click on this article are most likely looking to purchase a pair of wide calf riding boots. This is just an example, but make sure your article titles are attractive to your target audience.

Where To Find Wide Calf Riding Boots


All you have to do now is focus on applying these tips for making money on InfoBarrel. My suggestion would be to do it within a very short period of time and you will start to see some amazing results.

It’s possible for you to earn a great passive income every month using InfoBarrel and other revenue sharing sites. Once you have published any article or piece of content using the tips here, it will continue to attract traffic and earn you revenue for many months to come. After a certain period of focused effort on your part, you should begin to earn a passive income online regularly.

Nevermind My Premature Conclusion, I Have More to Say

Here are a few tips that will help you from an on-page search engine optimization (SEO) perspective:

Make sure that your primary keyword is used as the page URL for your article. For example, I recently wrote an article titled “Wide Shaft Boots - The Ultimate Buyers Guide”.

The page URL is:

Notice how my primary keyword "wide shaft boots" is used as the URL. Here is how you can take advantage of this tip.

On the Create an Article page, you should enter your primary keyword into the title section of this page. You will notice that the keyword will be copied over into the URL text box.

IB Create an Article Page

Next, complete the “Human Test” and click the button “Check Title & Start Writing”.

IB Human Test

Finally, you should update your title on the write an article screen (shown below). Notice how I changed my title to “Wide Shaft Boots – The Ultimate Buyers Guide”.

IB Write an Article Page
  • Try to include your primary keyword in at least one heading (H1, H2 or H3)
  • Use your primary keyword a few times within your article. I usually try to use keywords at least 4 or 5 times within a 1,000 word article. Make sure that your articles don't sound spammy or keyword stuffed regardless of how many times you use your keywords. You should also read this article about LSI keywords.
  • Upload images and name the images based on long tail keywords, related search terms or product names. You can also use your primary keyword in one of the images.

Be Sure To Add Relevant Images To Your Articles

Note that it's really important to add images to all of your articles. I try to put at least 3 or 4 images (minimum) in all of my 1,000 word articles. I typically earn 30% of more of my InfoBarrel income from media pages. So, if you don't put images in your articles, you're literally leaving money on the table. Sometimes when I don't have time to search for relevant images to use, I go ahead and upload my articles. However, I always come back later and add photos, because media pages earn good money.

Keyword Density and Article Length

Since InfoBarrel has already set standards around keyword density, I won’t go into much detail here. I utilize a tool offered by Copyblogger Media called ScribeSEO. This software offers step-by-step on-page optimization advice for articles that you write. I'm still testing the effectiveness of the tool and may provide a more comprehensive overview at a later date.

My suggestion is to make every article you write at least 800 words in length. If you can reach 1,000 words, that would be the preferred approach. From my experience, articles that are at least 1,000 words tend to rank higher in the search engines (more quickly) and get more traffic. I have some articles that have earned Adsense clicks just a few days after posting them.

The Real Conclusion

I hope that you are not discouraged after reading about the amount of time you have to invest to really make money online (from my experience). I have been working hard at making money online for about 10 months now. My income is steadily growing and I'm consistently encouraged by my progress. If you work hard at it, you will eventually achieve your goals – it may just take time. Just know that InfoBarrel is a great site and can be a consistent earner for your online business.

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