One of the things that can be disheartening to so many people is that they can work their entire life at a job and, when all is said and done, have hardly enough money to enjoy a healthy retirement. The fact of the matter is that once you are living as a retiree and no longer collecting an income, you may have to forgo many of the comforts that you had become accustomed to. For many, living in near-poverty or relying on their children's charity is just the way that it is going to be. But does it have to be this way? Many Americans, and other people from around the world are discovering another option. They are discovering that they could retire in mexico cheap, much cheaper than they could ever imagine if they tried to live out their golden years in the U.S., Europe or Canada

Retire in Mexico Cheap

You may be wondering what good several decades of hard work in your chosen career has done for you, if you lack enough retirement money to live the way that you had always imagined. Most retirees do not want much, they don't insist upon luxury. They want a nice climate, inexpensive health care, good food, and a few technological comforts. The good news is that retirees in Mexico enjoy all this and more.

In the US, the prospect of living on just a social security check and a meager savings is not all that enticing for most. However, $1500 (a typical social security pension) goes a long way south of the border. Living expenses in a small Mexican town (near a more major metropolitan area) can be a mere fraction of those in the United States. There are a number of reasons for this, but the major factor is that the economy of Mexico is much smaller and because of this your money goes a lot farther.

A retirement in Mexico has been gaining popularity with USA Today reporting that more 75,000 American retirees have relocated to Mexico in the last decade. The great news is that these expats have taken up residence in resort communities where they are then able to dine together and enjoy activities together. Because of this, an English speaking retiree rarely has to worry about the language barrier and can easily find dinner companions and activity companions.

One of the most popular elements of a cheap retirement in Mexico is that most retirees are able to afford domestic help for cooking, cleaning and yard work. For $100 or less a month, a retiree can hire locals to help with household chores year round. If you had imagined a retirement free from mopping floors and pushing lawn mowers, you may enjoy this feature of an inexpensive retirement in Mexico. And for many seniors, who wondered how they would be able to afford food on their social security in the US, the fact that domestic help is so affordable is one of the primary motivations cited by re-locators.

USA Today further reports that the number of American retirees living in Mexico is expected to grow dramatically in the next twenty years. Their report predicts that, due to recent drops in the stock market, the typical retiree will now have less money on which to retire than they had previously anticipated. The economic advantages of Mexican retirement are becoming too favorable for many Americans to pass up.

Furthermore, the climate and scenery in Mexico is among the most tranquil and tropical of any nation on earth. The nation is surrounded by water with both the pacific ocean and Gulf of Mexico serving as its borders. It has thousands of miles of gorgeous beaches and the climate is warm in summer and temperate in the winter. For this reason, it has especially become popular with active seniors who enjoy the outdoors.

So if you have been wondering how you were possibly going to afford the retirement that you had always hoped to enjoy, you may want to consider the idea of retiring in Mexico further.