One of your friends is retiring and you need a gift. If your friend has a good sense of humor, you can find some retirement gag gifts for men. You should choose a present which will not be offensive, but simply funny and adorable, to enrich the party with some joy. However, if you are not sure about the gift itself, it is always better to give up the idea than to make a bad impression on the party members or bestowed person.

What to take into consideration while buying retirement gag gifts for men

The most important thing is not to offend a person, because when we can assume earlier, that he would not feel good with it, or is sensitive when it comes to his age or health condition, it should be taken into account and one shouldn’t poke fun at it. Even if that person may look amused it is often only a pose to hide the real feelings. It is also vital to consider relation between the receiver and the giver. Best friend can dare to make more crazy presents than a workmate. Situation and circumstances should also be planned and thought about earlier, because there are some presents that shouldn’t be given during some kind of parties like an official company farewells.


Retirement gag gifts for men

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Gag awards and certificates

Those presents are always appropriate and up to date. Certificate or an award can be given for almost every situation, and the limit is only ones creativity. The present can be for example in the form of an award honoring “the least effective worker in the company”, “adorable senior” etc. Gag gift can also be aimed at ones obsessions or characteristic features. The most significant aspect is to not exaggerate with acrimonious remarks, because the gift should be funny, not insulting.


Gag t-shirts

Those presents are really popular and widespread not only when it comes to retirement but also, to many other celebrations and occasions. On the Internet, one can find many ready-made patterns for T-shirts associated with retirement and the state of being a pensioner. It is also possible to choose our own inscription or motto and to create our own project of T-shirt from it afterwards.



There is a infinite spectrum of humorous gifts available in shops offering funny presents. Creative and slightly unusual gift can be bought for example in a form of stickers attached to a car, saying “Warning! Pensioner behind the wheel!” . Miscellaneous pillows or hats with funny inscriptions are items of a huge popularity among friends and family members.

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Activity kits

Activity kits are not just funny but very practical and useful gifts, appropriate for almost every occasion. They can be found and bought in many shops or they can be created on our own. It can be for example “sports games watching kit”, in which we can include a T-shirt (for example favorite team's T-shirt) and additionally a hat or a scarf to go with the primary item. It is advisable to include a bottle of beer and some snacks as a bonus to the whole kit. If bestowed person is into some hobby, an according activity kit may be both highly appreciated and funny gift. To make the gift more valuable, it is advisable to create it on our own, instead of buying one at a shop or through the Internet.



Retirement gag gifts for man are a great alternative for people who are in close relations or want to give some amusement to other person. They can be made by ourselves or bought in a store. This kind of items is based mainly on the concept of funny inscription or photo attached to a casual product.