Using a theme is a great way to create retirement gift baskets. 

Come up with a good list of hobbies and likes, and then you can create your own personalized retirement gift basket for your friend, co-worker or relative.  You can purchase premade baskets which are nice too, such as the one pictured that has a theme for golf.  But you can also create your own.

The trick to creating your own gift basket, is to set your budget, and then depending on the size of your gifts, you need to use a container as the “basket” that is also useful.  Make sure all parts of this gift are totally useful, this is better for the environment.  Most retirees are downsizing, and don’t need more dust collectors, or loads of paper to get rid of.  You want your money to go to gifts they will use.

So, if you want to create retirement gift baskets yourself, then start by listing your retiree’s hobbies and then come up with a container that will work with the hobby.  Here is a great list of basket ideas for that retirement gift basket based on some popular hobby themes.

Sewing basket – If your retiree is an avid sewer then a new sewing basket filled with some of your other gifts, such as sewing accessories, or gift certificates etc, will fit nicely in this sewing basket, it all depends on your budget.

Tool Box – This makes a great container for gifts.  If your retiree has a wood working hobby or mechanical hobby then getting them a tool box and filling it with accessories and gift certificates or that nice bottle of wine, is going to be an appreciated gift.

Wheel Barrow – this would make a great container for the avid gardener.  Fill it with all kinds of accessories, plants and gardening gloves, garden tools, kneeling pads and more.  If your budget is not that large, you could consider getting a watering can and filling it with smaller accessories.

Golf Gifts & Gallery Golf Bucket of Gifts

Golf – Container for golf balls and fill with golfing gloves and other accessories.retirement gift baskets

Storage Bench for a patio or Deck – This is a great group retirement gift basket idea that can be filled with everything for the outdoors. 

Plant Pot – If your retiree has a lot of indoor plants and loves indoor gardening, you can get a nice ceramic plant pot and fill it with all kinds of accessories, gloves, tools and more, then wrap it in a nice table cloth or tea towel, or something more useful than wrapping paper.  You can get tea towels and nice tablecloths at the local discount or dollar store for about the same price as wrapping paper, so make all parts of the gift totally useful.

Bird Bath – this also makes a great gift basket.  You fill the bath part with bird accessories and gift certificates.  You can get all kinds of solar bird baths that are really cool too.  A hummingbird feeder is a nice small gift to fit in the bird bath basket and other bird foods.  This is a great retirement gift idea for the avid bird watcher and gardener.  If you want to wrap it, use an outdoor tablecloth they can then use later.

Pasta -  Get a nice metal colander and then put a pasta maker in the colander along with other pasta supplies and wrap in a nice tablecloth.  Perfect for that chef or anyone who likes pasta and loves to cook.

Personalized Tote Bag – Take a simple plain canvas tote bag and give everyone permanent markers and let them sign and add funny jokes to this tote bag, and then fill it with all your gifts and certificates and that nice bottle of wine or spirits.

There are all kinds of retirement gift baskets you could create yourself or you can also search online at such sites as Amazon for more ideas and themes for retirement gift basket ideas for men and women.

So, if you want to get them a few gifts from a group of people, then consider using a useful gift basket, don’t waste money on wrapping paper and bows, just make every bit count, and they will thank you for it, and have a great time using all the gifts and enjoy this next stage in life.