Two Sides Of A Coin

A retirement party can be a bittersweet event. You've worked along side her for all these years, have developed a friendship, she probably helped you along when you were a new employee, but now it's time for her to leave. And so even though you can still hang out after work, the overall relationship experiences a shift. Conversely, being able to punch out for the last time is a huge moment that every hard working person desires to have. She's of course sad that she is leaving all her friends behind, but with all the years you put into a company, it becomes rewarding to know that you're finally done. There's happiness, yet a knowing things will never be the same. So if you're attending a retirement party, you'll want to give the retiree something to treasure, something that'll standout among the other gifts presented, so it's important to put careful thought into possible retirement gift ideas. These can go a variety of different ways; depending on retiree's personality, gag gifts might help with the transition - laughter is always the best medicine, especially in sad situations, but gifts that are heartwarming and nostalgic will swing the moment the other direction with tears and hugs. Whichever route you decide to take, here are a few retirement gift ideas that should help you with your quest.

Now That She's Retired, Keep Her Retired

It's always a huge let down if after you've retired to come to a frightful realization you simply can't afford the quality of life you had before. If you're celebrating an early retirement party, it's safe to assume that she's done the proper financial planning, but even still, some helpful financial tips would make for great gift ideas. She's not receiving a monthly check, but she still has to pay for health insurance, utility bills, and travel expenses if she plans on seeing the world. And of course, no one knows what your health might be 15 or 20 years down the line. If you ever need any surgery or medical treatment, it'd be a good idea to keep that in mind before clocking out for the last time. There are plenty of financial books concerning leaving the workplace early and being able to afford it. Giving her helpful advice so she won't have to come back would probably be one of the best retirement gift ideas you can give her.

Things She Can Use

Other retirement gift ideas might be things she can use at home. Appliances like coffee makers, toasters and kitchen utensils will ensure she has the equipment without having to draw from one of her accounts. And if she's big on electronics, she probably already has an iPod or a tablet of some sort that she uses religiously. Finding a decorative ebook cover for her Kindle or Nook or a carrying case for her iPad will help her stay current and savvy with the latest gadgets. Also, if you're not sure what her style is, you could always purchase a gift card from Best Buy or something.

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Keep The Event Fun And Lively

If you suspect tears are going to be prevalent at the party, giving her a gift that'll make everyone laugh is a good way to change the atmosphere. A calender with only Saturdays and Sundays for every month will remind her of the eternal weekend she has to look forward too. If she's advanced in years and has a sense of humor about her age, giving her replacement body parts for when they fall off is another great retirement gift idea. And of course, mugs, T-shirts and hats with funny phrases won't be hard to find. Personally, I believe there should be a gag gift at every party since they can be so fun. Though, when searching for 60th birthday gifts for women, just be aware how they feel about their age before making fun of it!

Make It Personal

As far as retirement gift ideas are concerned, there are tons more options available to you. Of course, the best gift you can possibly give would be something meaningful to the recipient. If you've been close friends with the retiree for awhile, then only you know what that perfect gift would be. Something that represents the time you've spent together having some nostalgic meaning would surely be treasured years after the party is over. So when thinking of retirement gift ideas, keep all these in mind, but also add your personal touches to make it special.