What to Get?

Finding retirement gifts ideas for men can be a challenge.  You don’t want to get them that “retirement” mug to add to the collection of coffee mugs they probably already have at home, or that happy retirement pillow that will collect dust or head to the closet, but you don’t want to let the occasion go by without some kind of recognition.

Here is a list of retirement gift ideas for men that may just inspire you.

Fishing – If your guy likes fishing, then he is going to have more time to do this, so either find him some really cool lures or get together with others and spring for a new fishing rod, or if you are unsure, get a gift certificate for a fishing or sporting goods store.  If he has every lure and gadget, then consider getting him a season’s pass to a park with great fishing.

Golf Course Membership or Game – Consider getting the golf enthusiast a gift certificate for a round of golf, or get together with others and spring for a membership to a golf club.  He will definitely have more time to use it, and maybe he would invite you along!

Bed and Breakfast – Set him up with a nice couple of days away at a bed and breakfast.  If he is married then get it as a “couple’s” gift.  This is a great way to start retirement, a nice weekend away.

Tools – Whether he is a wood worker or a car mechanic on the side, getting tools can be a great retirement gift idea for men.  They don’t always buy new tools, so find out what they are looking for and get it or a gift certificate to a great store.retirement gift ideas for men

Wine – If your retiree is a wine lover, then you can get him some of his favourite wines or you could also set him up at one of the “do it yourself” wine stores, so he can make a batch of his own.  This can be a great hobby as well. Personalized Retirement Gift - Wine Label

If he likes to make his own wine, then you could consider designing him some really nice labels for his wine bottles, or you can get him a personalized label.

Restaurants – A great meal and a nice restaurant can make a great retirement gift.  You can either phone the restaurant ahead of time, or you can purchase gift certificates for dinner and a movie.

Budget items – If money is tight, but you still need retirement gift ideas for men, then consider gift certificates at everything from the coffee shop to the local movie rental.  Most retirees don’t want more “stuff” unless it is a special tool for example.  They are usually downsizing their homes and possessions, so you don’t want to be giving them more dust collectors unless it is something they could use.  Try for something that they can use and enjoy.

Signature Tote Bag – Although this is an “item” this will be useful.  Get a plain canvas tote and then get everyone that knows the retiree, such as co-workers, family etc. and get them to sign this tote bag with a permanent marker.  They can add some cute note or something that will make the retiree smile. 

This could be instead of a card, and is totally useful for shopping.

Deck Chair – If your retiree has a deck and his chairs have seen better days, consider purchasing him a new chair for soaking up the sun or just relaxing. 

Park Membership – Most parks charge an admission for getting in, you can purchase park memberships for yourself or for gifts online.  This way your retiree can go to this park or related parks as many times as they want.  Whether it is for fishing, camping, swimming, hiking or strolling, this can make a great useful gift idea.

Above are 10 retirement gift ideas for men, that will hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas for your retiree.  Also see Retirement gift baskets for more great ideas,.