Here are some great retirement gifts for men ideas to give. Retiring is a huge milestone for men and just like a birthday, this time of his life should be celebrated. There are many retirement gifts a man would love to receive from his loved ones and friends.

Cruise Ship - Retirement Gifts for MenCredit: By Rapidfire (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia CommonsOnce a man is officially retired, why not send him off on a wonderful cruise experience? There are many cruise lines that will take you to places like Mexico, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Europe, Bermuda, and Alaska. You can choose practically any destination that he’ll enjoy cruising along to. Purchase a ticket and accommodations for this retired man and his spouse. He will definitely appreciate this gift and remember it always. A cruise is one of many great retirement gifts for men.

Dinner Cruise
Cruise Ship at Night - Retirement Gifts for Men
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A dinner cruise for retired men is a fabulous gift idea! Almost every city, country or island with a lake or ocean offers this service to the public. Schedule an afternoon/evening dinner for that special retired man to spend with his family and friends. In a dinner cruise he’ll have the opportunity to dine and dance to music while enjoying the beautiful environment around him.

Camcorder - Retirement Gifts for Men
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A camcorder can be a great gift for retired men. Now that a man is retired he is more than likely going to sit back, relax and enjoy life. He is also more likely to spend a lot of time with family and friends, so give him the opportunity to record memories. With a camcorder he can record his grandchild taking his first steps, birthdays, events, and other sentimental moments. Invest in a quality camcorder to give him.

 Gift Cards
Gift Cards - Retirement Gifts for Men
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You can never go wrong with gift cards! Gift cards make great gifts for retired men and everyone else! If you know what type of products this special man wouldn’t mind spending money on, give him a gift card for that particular store. This gives him the chance to purchase items that he wants instead of you choosing the type of gift he may not want. There are gift cards for everything and almost every store has one. You can get a store gift card, a restaurant gift card, and even a credit gift card that he can use almost anywhere (even online).

Club Membership
Tennis Racket and Ball - Retirement Gifts for Men
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A club membership card is another golden gift idea for retired men. If you know what this special man likes to do in his spare time, try to get a membership card for him. For example, you can get a golf membership, gym membership, a sports membership and many more. By doing this, you are giving him an opportunity to do what he loves without having to fork over the money himself. He will greatly appreciate you for his membership.

Signet Ring
Rings - Retirement Gifts for Men
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A personalized signet ring is a great gift idea. To represent this huge milestone in a man’s life, why not get him a personalized signet ring? You can get signet rings in many shapes and sizes made out of gold or sterling silver. You can also design it however you want so that it has meaning and represents something to him. This will be a piece of jewelry he’ll keep close to his heart for the rest of his life.

Sports Team Tickets
Baseball - Retirement Gifts for Men
Purchasing tickets to a retired man’s favorite sports team is a great idea! If this man is a huge sports fan, get him to see his team up against another great team. Spend the money on seats that are very close to the front so that he can really enjoy the experience up close. He will be super pumped and excited to see his team live in action and will be very grateful for the tickets.

Recliner - Retirement Gifts for Men
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A recliner is a great gift to give. Encourage his relaxation habits by purchasing a nice and comfortable recliner chair because he deserves it! Whenever this retired man sits down around the TV set with his family, he gets to sit in his comfortable recliner. He will absolutely love his recliner chair and it will be used almost everyday. He probably won’t let anyone else sit in it!


Golf Clubs
Golf Clubs - Retirement Gifts for Men(73008)
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Many retired men love to play golf. If the retired man in your life likes to play golf, why not get him a new set of golf clubs? This is a gift that he will use for a long time and appreciate you giving to him. Not only will he use these golf clubs on a regular basis, but he can also pass them down to his sons, grandsons, nephews, or any other family member to keep.

Gift Basket
Gift Basket(73009)
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A gift basket is another great idea to give to a retired man. Fill this gift basket with items you know he’ll love and package it really nicely. You can put movies, wine, gift cards, tickets, cologne, coffee and anything else. Just make sure to fill it with items you know he’ll use or cherish.

Photo Calendar
Photo Calendar - Retirement Gifts for Men
A personalized photo calendar makes for a great gift for retired men. Have a customized calendar made with pictures of him and the family. You can choose whatever photos you’d like and you can have it designed however you like. This will be something he’ll smile to everyday and will keep this calendar even after the year expires.

Watch - Retirement Gifts for Men
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A watch is an awesome gift any man would appreciate. Many men around the world love to collect watches and wear them daily. There are many designer watches that have been available to the public for years and now is the time to give him one. Movado, Cartier, and Tag Heuer are a few well known brands loved by many. Purchase a really good quality watch for this retired man in your life and he will absolutely love it.

Personalized Mug
Mugs - Retirement Gifts for Men
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A personalized mug can be another great gift to give. Majority of men worldwide do drink from mugs from time to time. They use it to drink their coffees, teas and perhaps even alcohol. Give him a personalized mug that he’ll love. You can have it designed however you want and it will be his to keep. This is another gift that you can be sure he’ll use almost daily. If not, then he will put it on display in a hutch/unit.