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There are many retirement gifts for police officers that you might want to keep in mind as you look for the perfect present.  Law enforcement is not your typical career, so trying to find the right farewell item might be a little bit harder than it would be for someone in a different profession.  Still, there are some really great ideas that you may want to use for the cop in your life that’s retiring from the job.  In this article, I’ll give you some good ideas to keep in mind when you go out shopping for the special police officer retirement gift.

1.  Personalized Plaque

This doesn’t have to be for co-workers only; even if you never worked with the retiree you can give them a nice personalized plaque thanking them for their years of dedication and public service.  It’s a great way to show the cop in your life that you care about them and appreciate the work they did for the city.  You can find some nice police retirement gifts for a cop if you look online.


2.  Certificate of Achievement

Why not?  It’s something you could have framed to commemorate all the hard work and dedication of a coworker, or even just a cop that helped you out during their career.  If it’s a relative or close friend, they will appreciate the sentiment.  You could even consider a gag gift for retirement of a police officer or deputy sheriff.

3.  Caricature

Take a special photo to a good caricature artist or submit it online for a really nice and unique retirement gift for a soon to be former police officer that is retiring.  It’s a good way to show them you were thinking of them when you went out to purchase their present.  This is a very fun and creative present that you may want to keep in mind.  It’s likely to be hung up on the wall.

4.  Gag Gifts

Retirement can be funny, even for a cop.  Police officers enjoy a good laugh just as other do, so why not have some fun and make it a funny farewell to respected member of the force?  If after what could easily be 30 or more years on the job they cannot laugh, then they may not appreciate any present you come up with.  T-Shirts, mugs, and cards can often be found at party supply and gag gift sites that are very appropriate for a coworker, friend, colleague.


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5.  Replica Badge for Mounting

You can make a nice plaque with a replica badge or a have a great display made for holding the replica (or maybe real) badge that was used during the many years of service.  You will find this to be a gift any criminal justice professional would enjoy receiving after they decide to retire.  A replica police badge for retiring officers is a great idea to use when you are searching for the perfect gift.  Police work is often in the blood of the retiring officer, so a visual display like a replica badge can often be something the recipient is likely to really love and cherish for years to come.

6.  Visual Display of Accomplishments

Why not make some form of a display for the retiring police officer?  You can detail some of their accomplishments from their patrol duties, include pictures of the people whose lives they’ve improved, or even some funny dealing with criminal or inmates they tool to jail.  People do this for many types of events and it really can be quite flattering.  It’s a great idea that you might want to use, especially if there is a party or gathering planned or the retiree.  Peace officers are just as likely to appreciate a gift like this as anyone else. Give it a try.  This is the type of thing the whole department can get in on and contribute.  It’s very personal by nature and holds special significance to many.

7.  A Night Out

Everyone likes a night out and a party might be the best possible idea you can come up with for the retiring officer.  You’ll find that just having a gathering of coworkers and loved ones in honor of their career can be very touching and well received by the cop you love. 

If a party isn’t your style, a one-on-one dinner would also serve the same basic purpose.  This is another great way to show them how much you care about them and appreciated their service.  Have a few drinks, a few laughs, and remember some of the good times you’ve had together.  The personal time, especially when you are dealing with a close friend, is a great police officer retirement gift idea you may want to keep on your list.

8.  A Touching Speech

Reference the ways the retiring police officer has touched your life, helped you in your own career, or the accomplishments and accolades they received on the job.  This is a very personal gift you can give someone.  Those that truly love the person who is retiring are likely to get emotional during a nice speech, but it’s very touching for the retiree to see how much the speaker cares about them.  This doesn’t cost money, so if you are super cheap or just on a small budget, it’s a great idea that you should put on your list of potential gifts for retirement.

9.  A Personal Letter

You don’t have to give out material items when a police officer is retiring.  Giving them a nice letter can mean much more to anyone retiring from their job after years of public service.  It’s okay to give it to them privately, especially if you personalize it and make it meaningful to the recipient.  It’s a great way to show the cop you love that you love them.

10.  Gift Cards

Everyone likes gift cards.  While they are rather impersonal by nature, they are often well received and practical.  This could be the perfect retirement gift for a police officer that you don’t know very well or aren’t comfortable in giving a super personal present.  It’s a good, practical idea that you may want to keep in mind when looking for that special something.

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