Trying to come up with retirement gifts for women, especially if they seem to have everything can be hard but not impossible!

Take a note pad and try to come up with a list of their hobbies.  This of course depends on how well you know your retiree.  If it is a co-worker, you have most likely discussed hobbies or some kind of interest, or something they like to do.

Next give yourself a budget.  Are you purchasing this retirement gift by yourself or with a group?  If a group, who is organizing it?  You could brain storm with your co-workers to come up with some neat ideas and set the budget so it doesn’t get too out of hand.  Don’t leave this until the last minute, you need time to organize this.

Once you have decided on their hobbies and your budget, then you can start brain storming great retirement gift ideas. Write all the ideas down on your note pad.  Try and think outside the box, when it comes to retirement gifts for women, something a little different they won’t be expecting, rather than a mug! 

With more and more retirees being very active in sports and outdoor hobbies, it can be quite easy to give them something they will truly love.  Rather than that mug or funny pillow, that will collect dust in the corner give them something they will use. 

If you are purchasing this gift as a group, then collect a set amount from each person, and then see if your budget will afford a membership to a tennis club for the season, or a few rounds of golf, or other sport they enjoy.  You can even purchase park memberships, so that they can head to a local state or provincial park free of charge for a year or whatever term you choose.  Check online for your local parks to find out how to get a gift certificate or membership.

When coming up with retirement gifts for women, start with things they can do rather than objects if you can.  Or at least objects that can be consumed, such as nice wines or cheeses.

If your retiree friend or relative is not big on sports or the outdoors, then consider giving them a gift certificate for a spa day.  This can be as simple or as complex a gift as yoretirement gifts for womenu can afford.  You could get a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure or a full massage it all depends on your budget.

Personalized Retirement Gift - Wine Label

If your budget allows, another great retirement gift idea for women, is a trip.  If you are a tight knit group, it could be a day of shopping and you all get together and purchase something she picks herself, or send her away on a package deal in the sun.

A digital frame is another great idea.  These are very affordable now in electronic stores, and all you need to do is take lots of great pictures!  Whether of you and your co-workers at the office retirement party, or get access to photos they have already and scan them into your computer.  Now take all the photos and transfer them to a data storage stick, and you plug this in the back of the digital frame.  Now they will always have pictures that will make them smile and remember everyone as they start on this new chapter in their life.

So, a funny mug or pillow can be cute, but show them you really care.  Find retirement gifts for women that will make them smile, and think of you as they use it, such as with that tennis game, round of golf, hike in the park, that pedicure, massage, or enjoying the wine, and then have great pictures flashing on the digital frame.   

Try and give it some thought.  You could purchase a nice plant pot or useful container to put your gifts in, therefore creating a retirement gift basket, along with a great bottle of wine or their favourite spirit and you will put a smile on their face for sure!  Also see Retirement gift baskets for more great ideas.