Retiring is an important change in every person’s life and career development. It is also one of a few milestones in one’s life that is celebrated only once, in contrast to birthdays or Christmas, which are celebrated every year continuously. So, what are the best retirement presents for men?

The answer is a bit complex, because it really depends on one’s preferences. IS is commonly known, that the gift should be based on one’s preferences, interests or hobbies. Generally, basing on the common gift ideas, suitable for all celebrations and occasions is not a good idea. So, the best way to make recently retired person’s life more pleasant, try to endow him with something personalized and unique, which doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive or flashy.

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Examples of retirement presents for men


This kind of present is a great idea when the bestowed person really likes some kind of beverage - coffee, tea or beer are good examples. The best mugs and cups are personalized ones. This can be achieved for example when an individual pattern is created on the product’s surface. For example a photography, some special signature, or a motto are some of the great things that can be found on it. There are plenty of companies that will create a cup or a mug with personalized picture or inscription written on it. When it comes to practical issues, it is important to remember about proper mug capacity, accordingly to the function that it should serve. Different one should be chosen for coffee, tea or beer. This kind of present is a quite safe and useful one thanks to its shape and serving purpose.



Enriching ones treasury with another item that one’s collecting is also an interesting idea. For example when someone is collecting porcelain dishes, figures, stamps or coins, it is pretty easy to buy a unique item to enrich this collection. When the item is suitable, a proper inscription can be written on it to make it more special and to link the item strongly with such a memorable celebration.



Creating a unique T-shirt is easy and it does not take much effort and money to create one. The only thing that you will need to do is to find a company or artistically fertile person to create chosen inscription or picture on it. When it comes to the pattern size, it is quite big on T-shirts, so they can be easily decorated with additional memorable photo or some inscription. It is also important to remember, that this present is mostly for people who really like customized T-shirts, and will be really glad to wear one of those. While including a photo or inscription is a great idea, it is also advisable to think twice about the content and the meaning of it, to avoid the situation when the bestowed person is ashamed to wear your creation. If you are not sure if the present will be suitable for your retiring man, it will be better to choose one of the safer options. 


Elegant and stylish items

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Elder people also like to be bestowed with some elegant, classy items, which can sometimes look old-fashioned for younger people. Those items can be for example:  a watch, a purse or a pen set. For classic thing to be really unique and elegant, it should be plain ,without additional any flashy decorations. To add more elegance to the present, one can engrave the name or initials of the bestowed person on it as well as a memorable sentence.


Alcoholic beverages

A bottle of good, vintage wine is one of the most widespread gift ideas. It is classical, but still suitable for such a memorable occasion. What is more, not only wine is suitable to be an alcohol based gift. There are many great beverages like whisky or scotch, that are also great present ideas. It is important not to give an alcohol beverage as a gift to someone who is an abstinent or doesn’t like alcohol - it will be considered as a huge faux pas.


Interests linked gifts 

If you know, that the person who is to retire is especially interested in a particular topic, it is a brilliant idea to make use of this knowledge and think about a present which is closely related with the topic of interest. Popular hobby related presents are for example : magazine subscription, books or film sets about the particular issue. Before buying it is important to check gently, if the bestowed-to-be person is not in possession of the same item, because having two sets of the same movies or books doesn't make the retiring person any good. The same situation can take place with ordering a subscription of the same magazine numbers.



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There is a huge variety of different gifts concerning this field of interest and life activity. Before buying any fancy gadgets, we need to be sure, that this person really likes those kind of items. If this person is really a gadget fan, the gift should be fanciful and extraordinary, because typical items and ordinary gadgets would not grant the retiring person so many joy and pleasure.


Memorable personal stuff 

Memorable items may be closely related with family, work, hobby, etc. It can be for example a photo album or a big poster. It is also advisable to collect signatures of people present on the photos with proper inscriptions or golden thoughts. This kind of present is not really expensive and the only thing you need to do is to spend some time to create the gift. This present will certainly give lots of warm feelings to bestowed person and will make him to recall some of the most important moments of his life.



To sum up, retirement presents for men are easy to find and there is a big variety of them according to our financial capabilities, but also our creativity. Remember – really beautiful and unique gift doesn’t need to be expensive, it needs to be given from the bottom of your heart!