Retirement Scrapbook

Remembering a Lifetime of Achievements with a Retirement Scrapbook

Retirement is another milestone in a person's life, a rite of passage for many years of service and accomplishments, and also the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. For some people, they want to remember the names, faces, events, projects and other collaborations that they dealt with throughout their career or long-term job - and what better way to memorialize that than with a retirement scrapbook, something that they will have forever.

Most people spend at least a third of their day at work, and when you do that for so many years, not only does the career or job become a very big part of who you are but it also involves your family and for some, makes the people you work with an extended part of your family. A retirement scrapbook can help ensure that the person who is retiring is very much appreciated for all of their hard work by showing off kind words and other achievements throughout their career with the company.

The following are some simple steps in creating a retirement scrapbook that will be able to capture everything you want captured about the person who is retiring and also give them the book of memories that they can treasure for many years to come.

One of the first steps in creating a retirement scrapbook is that you are going to want to contact fellow employees, management, supervisors explaining to them that you are working on a retirement scrapbook and have them write out a statement about the retiree. Maybe suggest that they mention the accomplishments of the retiree along the way, funny stories, memorable times and try to have each person include pictures if possible. The goal here is to gather as much information about the retiree's career at the company.

The next step when you have achieved getting all of the stories and photos from co-workers and family is to get everything organized as to how you would like it to appear in the retirement scrapbook. One suggestion is to do it in chronological order from the day they started. You could also do it categorically, adding titles to it along the way for example, "The Road to Success," or "Here's Where it All Started," and by all means be as creative as you can be.

Lastly, you will want to leave the front page of the retirement scrapbook blank so that you can add a title to it once you have completed the rest of the book. Usually, on the title page of the retirement scrapbook you are going to want to have a photo, the name of the person, name of the company, how many years they worked with the company, what their title or main function was. You can also leave a couple of pages in the back empty for people to do their own farewell message to the retiree. Adding colored pages, borders and stickers will add a lot of personality to the retirement scrapbook but be careful not to overdo it because you do not want the pages to outshine the retiree.

Enjoy your scrapbooking!