Retirement wishes come in many forms, and it’s never too early or late to begin making your list.  A person’s retirement wishes should be as unique as they are.  There is no use aiming to do what others want you to do.  If you’re like me, you’ve been doing that your whole life.  Your retirement is your time to spend whichever way you see fit.  It is your time to fulfill the dreams and wishes that you didn’t have time to pursue during your working years.  That’s not to say that one of your wishes can’t be to work, many retirees choose work as a retirement hobby.  The major takeaway here is that your retirement wishes should be unto yourself, critics be damned!

 Retirement Wishes

For those of you who are cruising into a comfortable retirement, I salute you.  It takes a lot of foresight, planning and hard work to get where you are now.  Give yourselves a round of applause.  However, the planning should not stop now.  This planning process on the other hand, will be a lot of fun.  It’s time to reap the rewards of your years of planning and hard work.  It’s time to make retirement wishes, things you would like to set out to accomplish during your retirement years.  I know this sounds oxymoronic, but retirement brings with it the ability to knock off a whole new measure of accomplishments in life, be it travel, business, hobbies, family or anything else.  You now have the time (and hopefully the resources) to carry out life goals.


One of the most popular retirement wishes is travel.  However, if you plan to spend your new life travelling, it will take some careful planning.  Do you currently own a home?  Does it cost money to maintain the home while you are on vacation?  Would it make sense to move to a maintenance free neighborhood?  Do you have pets? Will they be boarded or left with friends or family?  Is your income automatically deposited into an account that you can access abroad?  All of these things need to be planned out before embarking on a carefree retirement travel journey.  That being said, once your plan is in place, travel like crazy.  Whether it’s a trip across the country in an RV or a trip across the pond to explore Europe, have fun! National Geographic has a book that I highly recommend called Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips.  If you are considering travel in retirement, it will give you some wonderful ideas.


Retirement wishes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some retirees decide that they would prefer to work in retirement.  The best case scenario of course is to work by design, and not by necessity.  But that is covered in another article.  For our purpose here, let’s assume that your choice to work is just that, a choice.  There are a number of jobs that retirees engage in, ranging widely from retail sales, to baseball ushers to consultants.  The choice really is yours, and will certainly depend on what you want out of your work.  I know a number of retirees who have pursued jobs with the local minor league baseball team as ushers.  They combined their love for baseball with their want to work.  It is low pressure and fun.  Others have taken their years of expertise in their given field and started independent consulting practices.  Since it’s yours, you make the hours and decide the work schedule.  You will be surprised how nicely this type of work can augment your income flow.  Whatever your retirement wishes, be sure that they align with your life goals.  Did you always want to learn more about history, but still want to work? How about a job at a museum?  There are any number of options out there.  Find one that suits your needs and time constraints, meet new people and have fun!


I have known many grandparents whose retirement wishes surrounded their grandchildren.  This is where it gets to be fun.  My fondest memories of my grandfather were the times that we spent camping in New York.  He had an RV that he would take to a Long Island campground every summer.  Myself and my sister would join them for a great week every summer.  My grandmother and grandfather would teach us how to fish, make fires and relax.  It was a wonderful time.  It was so nice of them to make one of their retirement wishes about us.  When I retire, I intend to do the same.  It is a powerful method of developing bonds with your grandchildren.  Give it a shot.  I bet you’ll enjoy it. 


Do you have any retirement wishes that you would like to share?  Post them below!