If you go out and get an insurance policy to be saved and covered by a fall back company in times of need then why not consider a retirement plan to be the same?
As when you have insurance for life and other stuff then you should also make it a point to invest in a good retirement plan or at least invest on your own in a retirement savings plan for small business owners.

Face facts: you are going to get older and at some point you will no longer want to, nor be able to work, and then you will need something to fall back on. There are people who work for organizations and are therefore able to not worry about their future investments, and then they are people who own their own lower budget businesses.

When you own your own business what you need to focus on is the fact that as a business takes new levels so do your needs and requirements and with that so will your needs and requirements once you have retired. If your business does well, then you adapt to a whole new kind of life style and consequently you are also going to have need for the same kind of lifestyle when you retire.
This is a very good level plan with simple yet effective levels of compensation for such persons who have low income or who are freelance or self employed workers. These plans are such that would allow you to defer an amount that equals to 25% that is of your compensation but not to exceed the amount of 49,000 USD as of the year 2009. However one a lower point of this plan the person who employs such a person is also required to contribute a same sized amount to the plan as the benefitting person themselves.

For small companies who have 100 employees or less than that and are not currently with any other kind of retirement planing, the simple ira plan is the best fit. This kind of an employer is trying hard to offer the service/benefit but to also cut back drastically on this kind of a plan. Under the statements of this plan itself the employer can easily defer from around 11,000 USD and if the employee is 50 years of age then the defer amount can be at 14,000 USD. The employer is required to pay 100% compensation and make a proper match of 3% to all those employees who are eligible. This kind of 401K retirement savings plan for small business owners is one that is very good retirements plan my giving the employer a tool by which he matches the contribution.

This is a plan that determines the kinds of benefits that an employee would get when they retire and is a plan that the employer sponsors. It is either given out as like a pension or salary on a monthly basis or is then given as a full cash payment at the time of retirement as well. These would usually be always set up by the main human resource people. This would be one plan that would be set and given at different stages of your life. If this is planned correctly then you have definitely created a steady income stream even after you have retired.