The products that people come up with are absolutely amazing. One of the new things in dog leashes is to have a flashlight attached to it. These retractable leashes come in a variety of colors and have a comfortable grip for walking your dog at night.

I've done my share of nighttime dog walking and can tell you it's no fun tripping over a broken sidewalk at 3 in the morning. Why was I walking my dog at 3am? At the time I worked 3rd shift and on my "days" off my dog and I would wander around town. I could've used a dog leash and flashlight combo at the time.

In fall and winter when the days are short, nighttime has a habit of creeping up on me when I least expect it. Plus I tend to get lost anytime I leave my yard.

With my big dog I need something that's tough and can handle her occasional pulling fits. I could care less about the color and the dog is color blind. Red, blue, or green it's all the same to me.

The dog leash flashlight pictured above has a 10 foot long cable, weighs 13 ounces, and takes 2 AAA batteries. I've got rechargeable batteries, so the batteries are covered. The weight looks good, and a 10 foot cable is pretty standard.

There are quite a few different companies making these, and the prices vary. The styles vary also but the dog them seems pretty popular for a dog leash. That kind of makes sense. My favorite part is the handle. Flashlights are hard to carry comfortably for long periods of time. This flashlight leash has a normal retractable leash handle and they just added a light into it. Pretty clever of them.

I tell ya. We pet owners are suckers and these companies know it. Stick a dog on it and it's all but sold. I don't even bother to fight it anymore.