Get the Breezes!

Getting a retractable screen door may be the answer to getting that air flow through your front or back of the living space. 

This style are a great addition to a home that has one of those insulated steel front and back ones.  Although great for insulation in the winter, these steel or wooden type ones don’t do much for those nice warm breezes that you may want to let into the house in the nicer weather.

If you have a hallway at your entrance and no other windows that can be opened nearby, this can then mean you get stale air as the furnace is shut off and before air conditioning season arrives. Those first spring breezes or those warm summer night breezes can give your house some fresh air.

But it is not always practical to be able to add a storm door with a screen in it.  Or maybe you don’t like the cluttered look.  The construction of your house may not have allowed much room for a screen, and they tend to open outwards, which may not be practical.

By using a retractable screen, you can get the benefits of a screen without the bother of installing a full storm door.  These screens disappear into their side cartridge when you open them.  There is no opening outwards or inwards.  As you can see by the picture these make a great addition to a house with a regular steel or wood entrance.  You can use these on entrance door such as your front and back and side ones, or you can get them in different sizes to fit French and sliding openings too.  They work very well on garage man doors (side entrance) for extra breezes.

These are well made and very sleek.  They install on your present frame, and are sturdy and a great way to have a screen without having to have a storm door.

These can also be installed left or right handed, and can be cut to fit perfectly.  Adding one to your house at your front and one at your back, will create through breezes that can add some much needed fresh air.Retractable Screen Door Kit, Euro-Style, 84" Height, White

As a kid, everyone’s house had a screen or a storm door, that was opened up in the sprinretractable screen doorsg, but as we have created better insulated ones, such as the steel doors, we tended to do away with the screen.  But as many of us try to keep the air conditioning off as much as possible to save money, getting a cross breeze through the house can be hard if you don’t have screens on the doors. 

Having screened windows works well, but having a retractable type of screen that can slide back and forth to let in the breezes but not the bugs works very well.

So, if you like the idea of being able to open up on that fresh spring day and let in the breezes and some light, but don’t want an additional one on the front of your house, then consider a retractable type of screen.  Simple and sleek installation, tough screen that slides out of the way, instead of opening like a door would work well in these situations.

You can check your local home improvement store for these retractable screensecurity screen door doors, or you can also check online.  Just measure your door and find one that matches your door size.  You can shop at sites such as Amazon and get a huge variety of screen doors of all styles. 

Over the last couple of years, these products have got better and better as we start opening up and letting in natural breezes and keep that a/c off for as long as we can. 

You can also get security screen doors, if security is an issue.  There is a way to let in the breezes!

Bug Off Instant Screen, 32-Inch by 80-Inch
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This is another type of screen that works well to let in breezes.