Retractable badge holders are very common among office workers. In case you are unaware of what are these, they are meant for containing your company ID badges. These containers are then attached to a string which can be stretched. In recent times, retractable holders are becoming much more popular than just a normal one due to some advantages they have which I have go into later. Individually, these badge holders are very cheap but companies usually buy them in bulk, making them a significant component of a company's office cost.

There are different types of badge holders in the market that an office or business can buy. The most common is the hard plastic version. They are quite durable but they have the disadvantage of being cracked easily under stress conditions such as accidentally sitting on them. Compared to this, soft plastic offer a contrasting set of pros and cons. These will not break easily and are cheaper than their hard copy counterparts. However, they have a tendency to discolored your badge and make your photo ID blur. This may cause some problems in identification and you might need to change your badge holder as a result.

Besides plastic, there are also retractable heavy duty badge holders. These are meant for in work places that deal with more equipment. Beyond offices, badge holders can also be used in hospital and clinics. For such places, animal or decorative badgers are much more suitable due to the fact that there are large numbers of children in these places.

The greatest benefit of having a retractable badge holder is the flexibility offered by it. For example, during the screening of your badge at security checks, it is much easier to sketch your card holder and scan through the machine, rather than having to move your body to meet the screening machine.

Having a retractable holder also has the benefit of you not losing your badges that easily. As a result the sketching ability of the holders, the badges can be hanged at your neck or waist permanently. This means you need not move your badge holders frequently and hence have less possibility of losing them.

If your company wants to save some money buying these badge holders, the best way is to buy them in bulk. Very often, office suppers tend to offer bulk discounts and by aggregating the demand across your company, you can easily take advantage of such bulk discounts and enjoy a lower price.