Retractable dog leashes are popular leashes to use for all dog breeds. They are safe and reliable for walking your dog. A retractable dog leash can allow your dog more walking room, and prevent leashes from getting tangled. A standard retractable leash can go from 10 to 26 feet in length. They make for good use for taking your dog to the park, and playing fetch with him or her. If you got a dog prone to taking off or gasps for air from leash tugging, then a retractable dog leash can give them more running and walking room. You can buy retractable dog leashes for sale with different features for your dog.

Retractable dog leashes for sale can be bought online for good prices. A lot of pet stores, and places like amazon, or ebay can have prices going lower than retail price. Whether you're looking for a 12, 16, or 25 feet extension for your dog, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for shopping online. A retractable dog leash can help teach your dog to walk better and make walking more pleasurable for the both of you. Be sure to check out some of the features that comes with retractable dog leashes.

Retractable dog leash features

Retractable dog leashes feature the same material for standard leashes. Nylon webbing is usually the material used for leashes. A big plastic holder is featured with the retractable leash. Allowing dog owners to set the preferred walking distance desired. Retractable dog leash extensions can go to 10, 12, 16, 25, to 26 feet in length. You might even find longer leash extensions online. If you're in the park, and want to toss a ball with your dog, a 25 feet extension makes it plausible without them running off.

A retractable dog leash with a bag dispenser for using poop bags can be featured with some retractable leashes. That can be a nice accessory to have when you're taking your dog for a long walk. A flashlight can also be featured in some retractable dog leashes for night walking. If it's dark you want to be able to see your dog and on coming traffic for safety. You can shop for retractable doge leashes for sale by brand, or store.

Retractable dog leashes for sale online

Flexi Classic - Flexi classic retractable leashes are popular and go for sale online for good prices. The classic can extend to 16 feet in length, and is made in different sizes for all dogs. The retractable leash can be available in a variety of different colors that include red, black, and blue. Sizes come in small, medium, and large. There's also the classic long leash available for dogs, that can extend to 23 feet in length. You can find flexi classic retractable leashes for sale online at,,, and petco. The classic long leash is available for sale at amazon.

Active optima 4 control system dog leash - A leash that can retract dogs from 33 to 110 pounds. Manufactured by American Leather Specialties. The nylon webbing leash extends up to 13 inches in length. The retractable leash goes for a cheap price. You find these retractable dog leashes for sale online at Ron's home & hardware,, salty supply outlet, and Ideal True Value Home Center for great prices.

Remington Retractable Dog Leash - Comes in a dark green color. The Remington Power Walker is a bit more expensive than Flexi retractable leashes. Features a comfort grip and can support stronger dog breeds. Features a stop and release button. The leash extends to 16 feet. It will support dogs up to 110 pounds, so the leash can be used for most dog breeds. The leash is made from nylon webbing. Retail price for the remington is usually around $50.00. You can shop for Remington dog leashes for sale online at petco, where there's a 30% discount.

25-26 ft retractable dog leashes - Are you looking for more length and extension on your retractable dog leash? The SE Automatic dog leash extents to 26 feet and goes for sale at a great price at amazon. Flexi makes a retractable leash called the Flexi Comfort Long 1 that extents to 26 feet. The retractable leash goes for sale for a great price at Other places to shop are at, pets warehouse, and Petco. The 25 ft Auto retractable dog leash is cheaper, and goes for sale at a very low price at ebay and amazon.