What Retro 1960's Costume is Your Favorite?

Updated for 2018

Dressing up in a retro Halloween costume from the 1960’s is a lot of fun for adults. From hippies to flashy mini skirted mod wear, the 1960’s are a fun decade in which to glam out.

This was a turbulent time in United States history. While it started out with hope after the election of a young John F. Kennedy as our nation‘s president, there was an underlying restlessness with the status quo that set in soon after his assassination. The Civil Rights movement, the Women’s Rights movement, and protests against the Vietnam War were cornerstones of that decade in American history.


Retro Halloween Costumes The 1960'sf or Adults

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 Fashion is a reflection of the times in which we live. The clothing of that era reflects what was going on in our country.

These Halloween costumes will make you stand out when you walk into the room!

Retro Hippie Outfits

One of the predominant cultures of the 1960’s was the Hippie culture. Both male and female hippies wore very long hair, fringed and beaded clothing, and peace signs. They were known for their drug usage, psychedelic rock music, love of tie dye and embracing the Free Love movement. 


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While many hippies would not confess their ways to their own kids today, there are many retro Halloween costumes that capture the spirit of Hippie fashions.

A hippie costume is easy to put together. Add a fringed vest and circle sunglasses to a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. You can also add some peace sign jewelry or use an eyeliner to draw a peace sign on your cheek. Any tie dye clothing would also make your costume look more authentic.

Mod Style Costumes for Women 


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Wild patterns in vibrant colors were the rage in the 1960’s. Mod got it start in England and made it’s way across the ocean. Many Halloween costumes for women copy this retro pattern of paisley prints and bold colors and geometric designs. Add a funky hat and some white go-go boots and you are set to be the funkiest woman in the place.

British Invasion Costumes

The early 1960’s was known for the British Invasion. The Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, Dusty Springfield, The Animals and Petula Clark were some of the biggest acts to come to America between 1964 and 1966. Their style of clothing influenced teenagers across the country. 


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Retro Halloween costumes for men and women echo the feeling of the 1960. The min dress for women and the Beatles inspired suit for men will make couples the hit of the party.

Retro Accessories

Accessories can make or break any outfit. There are many things that you can do to add the finishing touches that make your outfit complete.

Retro Wigs

If you were alive in the 1960’s, more than likely, you have a lot less hair than you did back then. Not to worry! The right wig can really add the pop that your costume needs. You can choose from a Beatles style, long hair, or Afros in a rainbow assortment of colors. Pick the one that matches your outift best!

Peace Sign Jewelry

The peace sign is very closely associated with this era. Adding a peace sign necklace, bracelet or earrings will make your costume more authentic.

John Lennon 1960s Circle SunglassesCredit: AmazonCircle Sunglasses

John Lennon made them popular. Add a pair to your retro 1960’s Halloween costume to add a festive touch and hide your crow’s feet!

Retro Halloween costumes from the 1960’s bring back memories of a bygone era of American history. These colorful costumes will make you stand out in the crowd!