Wear a 1970's Costume to Your Next Party

Updated for 2018

If you remember having disco fever, then wearing a retro Halloween costume from the 1970s is one that will have you doing The Hustle at your Halloween party.

During the 1970’s, American soldiers left Vietnam, Richard Nixon resigned from his presidency in disgrace, and Gloria Steinem founded Ms. Magazine. Norman Lear produced some of the most talked about and controversial television shows of the time-All in the Family, Good Times, Maude, The Jeffersons and One Day at a Time brought topics to the forefront of America.

Retro Halloween Costumes for Adults The 1970s

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One of the most iconic symbols of the 1970's was disco. It came into prominence in the mid 1970’s, and John Travolta’s 1977 mega hit Saturday Night Fever took disco and dancing to a whole new level.

Wearing 1970’s costume will bring back memories of an era gone by.

Disco and Foxy Lady Retro Costumes

Showing your moves on the dance floor in flirtatious dresses was 1970s style. Bell sleeves, bell bottom pants, and a fancy head scarf were all the rage. Add some platform shoes or boots and get dancing!  

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If you were the Dancing Queen, then this retro Halloween costume is the one for you! 


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1970’s Retro Leisure Suit Halloween Costumes for Men

John Travolta’s white leisure suit makes the perfect 1970’s retro Halloween costume for men. It alos comes in purple and orange.

If you want to look like a sleazy guy in a leisure suit, then a 1970’s plaid suit is the one you will want to wear! Think of Dan Ackroyd and Steve Martin as two “wild an crazy guys!”


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If you are not into the leisure suit scene, but want to dress in seventies’ style, then add a disco shirt to a pair of dress pants that you already own. They come in lime green, orange, silver, purple and multi-color with prints. The tough of flair, along with some sideburns drawn on, will make you look like you belong in the club!

1970’s Style Wigs 

Maybe your hair is short, gray or non-existent! Retro wigs can jazz up your 1970s Halloween costume and make it look complete. 

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You can choose from a large afro in an assortment of colors. Did you think Rod Stewart was sexy? There’s a wig for that look. Were posters of David Cassidy, his brother Shaun or Donny Osmond plastered on the walls of your sister’s bedroom? There are wigs that are just like those of 1970’s teen heart throbs.

Feathered wigs for men and women can make your hair bouncy like Farrah Fawcett’s. There are also disco style wigs available for you to wear.

Retro Halloween costumes from the 1970’sfor adults bring back a time when life was simpler.