1950's Halloween Costumes for Women

If poodle skirts and sock hops bring back fond memories, or if you are simply addicted to episodes of “Happy Days“, then a retro Halloween costume for women from the 1950’s is one you might like to buy.

The 1950’s was an era of prosperity in America. Baby Boomers enjoyed carefree childhoods. Teenagers came of age in a much simpler era, where electronics did not run lives. Costumes that reflect that long ago era will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Poodle Skirt 1950’s Halloween Costume for Women

1950s retro Halloween costume poodle skirtCredit: AmazonOne of the signature looks for teenage girls in the 1950’s was the poodle skirt. The long felt, circle skirt fell close to the knees, and it twirled around as teens did the Lindy Hop or the Twist on the dance floor. Poodle skirts did not have to have poodles on them. Other kinds of appliqués, such a flamingos, telephones, and flowers. They were originally designed by Juli Lynne Charlot, but were sold to teens in department stores everywhere by the mid 1950’s.


Tough Cookie 1950’s Halloween Costume for Women

1950s Pink Lady Costume from GreaseCredit: AmazonRemember Betty Rizzo from the hit movie “Grease”? She was the antithesis of sweet Sandy Dumbrowksi, the poodle skirt wearing good girl. Tough Cookie retro costumes for women are a bit sexier. No Peter Pan collars or necks hidden by a scarf. The Tough Cookie bares her shoulders and reveals a bit of cleavage to show her naughty side.

If you are real fan of “Grease”, try going to your Halloween party in a Pink Ladies costume! Pair any of these 1950’s costumes with a pair of bobby socks and Keds.

Car Hop 1950’s Retro Costumes for Women

1950s Car Hop Retro Halloween costumeCredit: AmazonDuring the 1950‘s, before McDonald’s took over the fast food hamburger world, waitresses on roller skates delivered your burgers and fries right to your car. This retro Halloween costume brings back memories of those days, without the fear of spilling an ice cold Coke on your lap!

I Love Lucy 1950’s Retro Costumes for Women

One of the iconic television shows of the 1950’s was “I Love Lucy“. Lucy is a beloved character as much today as she was when she appeared on black and white televisions across America.

1950's housewife costume for womenCredit: www.costumecraze.com

There are several retro I Love Lucy costumes that you can wear to a Halloween party.

The red dress with polka dots is one that Lucy would have worn back in the 1950’s.  Both have that 50’s flair and Lucy feel to it. If you are really into Lucille Ball, add the I Love Lucy wig and really look the part!

Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costumes

1950s Marilyn Monroe retro Halloween costumeCredit: AmazonThe top sex symbol of the 1950’s was none other than Marilyn Monroe. Women can recapture the famous movie scene of Marilyn’s skirt billowing in the air with this retro costume.

1950’s Retro Accessories for Halloween

A 1950’s retro costume would not be complete without the right accessories.1950s retro cat eye glasses for HalloweenCredit: Amazon

Cat eye glasses were the rage back in the 1950’s. Add a pair to your costume to make your look more authentic.

Chiffon scarves were tied around the neck or a ponytail.

Bobby socks with little poodles on them add the right accent to your 1950’s Halloween costume.

At your next party, get into the mood with these retro Halloween costumes for women from the 1950’s.

Car Hop Costume for Women

Adult Car Hop Girl 50s Costume, One Size
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(price as of Jan 28, 2016)
What an adorable costume! It is both sweet and sassy. The dress, apron and cap are all a part of what you get.

Sock Hop Costume

Rubie's Costume Fabulous 50's Polka Dot Sock Hop Girl, Multicolored, One Size Costume
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(price as of Jan 28, 2016)
This ensemble offers a fantastic look with a lot of coverage. Pair it with your white Keds and you are set!

Bright and Beautiful!

Forum Summer Daze 50S Costume Dress, Blue/White, Standard
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This gorgeous dress comes in such an appealing color!