Retro Leather Sofa

If you fancy a quaint throwback to the twenty-first century for your interiors, re-focus your room design with a new style icon: the Retro Leather Sofa.

Retro Leather Sofas come in a variety of set styles that were design icons in their time. So beloved were they and so well-made, that many ordinary people and celebrities chose to have their photos taken seated on them. From formal portraiture, the leather sofas found their way into sets of famous movies, hit television shows, into coffee table books, art installations and projects, music videos and are now a big hit on the web.

It's fun to have a bygone era as your design theme for a room or the whole home. You can soak up a certain ambience just by being surrounded by these old designs, channel a certain worldview and project a certain aura… or simply create an off-beat and delightful juxtaposition of themes by stuffing an older design amidst more contemporary furniture. These fun seating solutions have an added plus – they're reminiscent of old movies from the last century.

20th Century Architecture and Design Influences

Retro leather sofas aren't just about fun, they actually do serve functional as well as aesthetic solutions to design challenges. Do you think you can match the design eras with the correct decade and choice of a Retro Leather Sofa? Keep in mind that the 20th century was an energetic period that featured many competing thoughts or schools of design grabbing the imagination of the times.

While steel-frame skyscraper architecture was a consistent feature of the whole century, the following eras generally had an aesthetic all their own.

1900 – 1920 Art Nouveau, Early Modernism and Continental Avant-Garde exemplified by the works of De Stijl, Neue Sachlichkeit

1920 – 1930s Bauhaus

1920s – 1940s Art Deco

1930s-1940 The totalitarian architecture of Germany and the USSR

Late Modernism and High Tech Corporate Design spun off many other modern movements such as:

Postmodernism (1960-2000)

Minimalism (1970-2000)

Deconstructivism (1980-2000)

Blobitecture (1990-2000)

However developed your knowledge of style may be, it's always nice to know more about your choices. How do you pick the perfect retro leather sofa? Simple! Aside from knowing the quality considerations of a great leather sofa, you need to know the context of its design philosophy.

Think About Design

Let's review some of the imagery and aesthetic considerations of each era, and correlate these to cultural cues that serve as pegs for your themes.

From the classic designs popular at the turn of the 20th century, up until the Great Depression, the foremost aesthetic was that of Art Deco, an off-shoot of the streamlined lines and gorgeous curves of classic styles. There were the plush leather seats that the Great Gatsby used to party on; the seats Bruce Wayne's mansion had: leather wingback chairs in the library, classic leather cushioned furniture in the den and office, a warm fire-side lounge. But contrary to the sepia and black and white images we often associate with that time, it was full of color. Aniline leather was developed at this time, allowing rich dyes to seep color into cowhide and produce stunning effects.

The post-war aesthetic of the modern world is understandably that of the victor: America. Americana and a hopeful, futuristic, All-American concern with form and function, shaped the midcentury decades. The United Nations inspired a multi-racial aesthetic that grooved into world culture thanks to the development of tri-media technologies and Beatlemania. In furniture, chrome, plastic – and leather lived together in perfect harmony. Juxtaposition in composition and variety in formulation were the trends.

Extending convenience and functionality due to the advance of technology, the last few decades of the 20th Century focused on the creation of more comfort. Recliners, sleepers and reversibility options became a focus of leather furniture. Keeping the lines simple and clean, spare, design-less designs made the contemporary look a kind of new ascetic aesthetic. Think about the designs coming from the Nordic company, Ikea.

Buying these designs in the new century though will further be a blessing for us all. Not only are we now concerned with form, function and design, we now push for production methods that are safe, sustainable and organic. Environmentally conscious companies will choose methods that keep you safe and keep the rest of the world green, this means that not only you, but your children, and your children's children will continue to enjoy the retro leather sofas you plan to get.

Your home should be a haven where you can enjoy your most comfortable moments. So if you feel much more comfortable surrounded by the look and feel of a different era, explore and expand your knowledge in it. No matter which era, which decade, no matter which theme you choose, if it rings a bell, if it strikes a chord in you, then that time is the right time to choose any particular retro sofa from, for your own seating pleasure.