Sunglasses are not just eye wears which protect eyes from harmful UV rays, but also a style statement. Believably, it is a most important fashion accessory for all the fashionistas. Fashion trend keeps on changing with time even for fashion accessories, and for sunglasses most of the trends that loved by people last year will continue to stay this summer season as well. Usually, sunglasses trends remain same for the longer period of time, but there are just a few additions and subtractions according to the season.

As the spring summer is approaching fast, here would help you find the trendiest and perfect sunglasses to complete your new-season fashions. Well, the spring season reveals indulged our friendship for soft shades, pastel floral and vibrant colors or prints, and the season's shades follow outfit in the most stylish of ways. Cute prints, leopard or tiger styles and sleek frames all compete your this summer collectionwhereasshadeswith oversized glasses are must-have season's must-have eye shades for this season. With these frames you cover the collection of summer’s major trends for sunglasses.

You must have heard that ‘history repeats itself’, well something similar goes for fashion as well, and the same kind of fashion trend and style comes after few eras. As, you all see anarkali suits, polka dots and puffed hair style, were the popular trend in 1970. The 70’s era was famous for ‘Retro’ look, now the biggest trend we will notice this is the same retro look. Not only for clothing, but one of the biggest trends for sunglasses are the oversized glasses that are a style of retro look from 1970. Just to hold the market, all the eyewear brands are designing retro sunglasses for the fashion enthusiasts, such as Vogue, Vintage, Burberry, DKNY, Gucci, RayBan, and many other leading brands. 

Oversized sunglasses with a signature rim, printed rim, colored rims, sharp edges, butterfly or cupid design on the edge, as well the one which is crusted with Swarovski crystals, are in the trend this summer. The shades come in varied designs and styles; some are circular or oval shaped, others are square or rectangular, and many are designed in the cat-eye style.  Just for your knowledge- oversized refers to a size, while the bug-eye refers to a shape of oversized sunglasses. 

The wraparound sunglasses are also in trend this year. Vogue Sunglasses with oversized frames and bug-eye glasses are popular, mainly with celebrities. Soha Ali Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut, Slaman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and many other celebrities love to wear the oversized sunglasses.  By wearing the same shape, design and style, you can add star look. Designer sunglasses are popular among men as well as women. The 70’s retro style will be in trend this year for sunglasses.