Retro is hot, and in this case, the surprising item taking lawns by storm is the vintage metal chairs. These are retro metal chairs dating from the 1950s, a period where hopes were high and people were focused on raising families. As such, these vintage retro chairs have come to be seen as a return to the values and care-free feeling of that bygone era. While some may consider them to be kitsch, others are finding that these old metal chairs are quite at home in their modern yards and patios. They make ideal outdoor metal chairs, and they come in various shades of bright colors to inject a healthy dose of color to the yard. Why settle for the traditional white or black metal chairs when you can get a vibrant orange or pink? Kitsch or not, for most people these colors do give some energy to outdoor areas, helping to create a bright, fun feel for the space.

It's not too hard to find these metal chairs for sale. Furniture stores that carry outdoor furniture may have them as part of their inventory. One of the main makers of "new" retro furniture is Torrans, and their products are available in many retail stores. Chairs generally cost in the vicinity of $80-$100 by themselves, and are usually cheaper if purchased as part of a set. Most people will want a matching table, so a set is really the best way to go in most cases. If you can't find the chairs you're looking for in your local furniture shops, it's time to turn to the internet. Retro metal chairs are being sold on Ebay, with competitive prices and free shipping, in some cases. Cheap metal chairs in this style will generally be actual old chairs as opposed to reissues. If these have been well taken care of, there's no reason they shouldn't last just as long as the new chairs. However, most people will probably prefer to buy the new reissues than buy actual antique metal chairs.

Besides ordinary chairs, you can also find retro glider rocking chairs and accessories like side tables for sale. It's possible to get tables that will accommodate a large umbrella for shade, and most people will want to make use of an umbrella unless they have a tree that provides shade. Retro metal chairs aren't too expensive, but they can do a lot to make time spent outdoors more enjoyable.