The cliché is well known. Women love shoes and owning a variety of shoes to choose from is highly valued. Peep toe wedge shoes are just one of many types of shoes that every woman needs. Peep to shoes tend to come in the form of a high heel whether they are stilettos or high wedge heel shoes. As the heel is raised high the front of the shoe narrows to a narrow point where the toes stick out or peep their heads out. These peep toe wedge shoes serve the purpose of relieving some stress that may be placed on the tips of the toes in the case of tall heels and they also look cute and fashionable too.

Red Polka Dot Retro Wedge ShoesOne reason these types of shoes are so fashionable is that they easily reference retro style peep toes shoes from the fifties pinup girls when this style of shoe was very popular. Today retro styling is always en vogue and the trends of yesteryear tend to fade less than in generations past. Many men and woman actually value the styles from previous generations more so than modern trends and this type of shoe is simply one reference to older styles.

Some popular colors that peep toe shoes come in is red, black, and white among many others. These are staple colors of any wardrobe and have always been fashionable. White and black peep toe wedges tend to go well with both everyday wear and formal wear while silver wedge shoes, blue wedge shoes, red wedge heels, or any other specific bold color, tends to offer a great dramatic statement to the women who wear them. Red, being such a bold color, won't be worn quite as often as black or white shoes but should be thrown in to most wardrobes on occasion.

Black Peep Toe Wedge Slingback ShoesRetro peep toe wedge shoes do not always have to be found on a high heel; flats or relatively low elevation wedge heels also may be designed with a peep toe front as a purely decorative element. Many ladies evening shoes are designed as flats because not all women can or want to wear high heels. The open toe wedge heel however offers a cuter look than close toes shoes in a general sense and as a result there are many flat wedges sold where the open toe is just for looks.

Just as there are many different colors and heights in wedge peep tow edges there are also a number of different price points based on quality and label. You can easily find cheap wedge shoes for women at many discount shoes stores or at any one of the online discount retailers websites. Likewise shopping for designer women's wedge shoes like BCBG shoes, Michael Kors, or Steve Madden shoes will mean you should be in store for a larger price tag. Designer shoes can usually be found on sale or discounted if you are a smart shopper however the deals will not be as large nor will they be as easy to find.

Red Wedge Shoe by Calvin KleinPeep toe wedge shoes are usually known for being much more comfortable than many forms of high heels because the wedge heel is a more secure base and demand less of one's ankles. Because the wedge heel is more supportive it can be easier for a woman to stand or walk on these shoes especially if they are of a high quality and fit properly. Additionally an open toe shoe can also takes some stress of the big toe in certain types of shoes and for certain people with specifically shaped feet. In some women the big toe take a lot of pressure at the tip of the shoe and an open toe can sometime alleviate this pressure and disburse it over a larger area of the foot.

White Low Heel Wedge ShoesDespite the fact that wedge heels are generally a little more casual than other types of high heels occasions where a woman will be on her feet a lot or will be quite active on her feet a wedge heel can be a perfect compromise between comfort and fashion. For instance, peep toe white wedge shoes for weddings may be a little more casual than a spike heel but can be flirtier and more comfortable for the festivities of a wedding day.

Just like white may be wedding appropriate, cheap black wedge shoes can be a good alternative to formal occasions where you will be on your feet more and will be more active. At a formal dinner you may not need to be on your feet very much but a night out on the town with dinner and dancing may be a bit hard on your feet if you are wearing a spiked heel in a close toe design. Peep toe wedge shoes can take some pressure of your toes and your ankles while remaining dressy and looking good with your formal attire.

Depending on your financial means you may enjoy shopping directly at the department store and buying what ever looks great and fits well but the most economical way of shopping for peep toe shoes or any other type of shoe is to shop at any of the many online shoe retailers. There are many viable options online including, and Amazon. The obvious problem with shopping online for shoes however is getting the fit right.

The best way to buy online and get the fit right is to window shop in the store first. Make a trip to your local shoe store or department store and try on shoes until you find the right shoe in the right style which fits perfectly. Once you find this shoe then take the information home with you and comparison shop online for the best price for the same exact pair. This will ensure you love the shoe before you buy and will keep your costs as low as possible. This method may mean you will have to wait for your peep toe wedge shoes to arrive but if you shop in advance then this shouldn't be a problem.