When designing a retro inspired room one of the most overlooked accessories is the telephone. Nothing can ruin a perfect setup like a shiny, modern, and conventional phone. These corded wonders can be hard to get used to for people who are used to wandering about the countryside chatting, but hey style over substance right?

Actually having at least one corded phone is handy in the event of a power failure. If that phone happens to be adorably cute…well that's the price that we pay in the name of safety. At least that's the excuse I normally use.

Modern retro phones have most of the modern conveniences that we're all used to. Push buttons, call waiting, answering machines are all pretty much standard.

There are quite a number of styles available for people interested in retro phones.

The payphone is always a popular style. Heck you can't even find those on the street anymore. Your kids might not even know what it is, so at least you'd get to use it once in awhile. These phones hang on the wall and looks just like a 1950's pay phone.

If the 1950's is a little too late for your tastes there are classic phones from the 1930's. These phones are familiar to fans of old black and white movies. They come in a lot of different colors such as bright red, powder blue, and pink. You just can't go wrong with a pink retro phone.

One of my favorite styles is contemporary or futuristic retro. What was the cutting edge and modern to the extreme many decades ago. Just what did folks in the 30's, 40's, and 50's consider sleek and modern. Ok I'll admit it, I'm a little strange. I'm not even going to mention that I like the blue bathtubs from back when.

Retro home furnishings are whimsical and bring back memories of a simpler time. In our increasingly stressful world retreating to the land of valium and cocktails has a certain appeal.