Retro shower curtains are a really cool way to take your bathroom back to the 60s and 70s. 

A shower curtain is the biggest single item you can get that will make a huge affordable impact on the décor in this space. 

If you want to upgrade this room, but don’t have the budget for it, then consider at least replacing your accessories and paint the walls.

Both of these are an affordable way to completely change the look of your bathroom instantly.  Since the bathroom is usually the smaller room in the house, then you will not have to purchase a lot of paint.  Just make sure and get a paint that is for the bathroom.  If you can paint the ceiling too, it will definitely freshen things up a bit.

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mDesign Leto Mod Shower Curtain, 72 x 72-Inches, Blue/Green
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Paint, especially if you are changing the colour of the bathroom, is one of the cheapest ways to make a huge impression.  But if you are stuck on the colour of paint to get, and are considering painting it boring white (unless of course you really like white) and you are partial to the retro look or shabby chic, then consider getting your accessories first.

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If you have an older home that sports a pink tub and sink, then why spend a lot on expensive renovations?  Simply work with it.  I did this in our last home, and it turned out awesome.  I simply added some pink and black accents and it looked new again for less than a hundred dollars.  It is amazing what a difference it can make.  If you are renting and have oldd coloured fixtures, try working with them.  There are products on the market that will really give pink, blue or green tubs a good clean and really brighten the color.

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Green Retro Starburst Shower Curtain Fabric "Sublime" 70" x 72"
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(price as of Dec 23, 2016)

Once you have purchase your retro or chic acessories, then you can take your colour choices from there.  You can also use the colours to pick out your towels and mats etc. 

Once you have all this done, if you can get the paint on sale, and the towels on sale at your local discount department stores, you will have totally redecorated your bathroom for under 200 dollars maybe even less depending on the deals you find.   

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RotoScrub Bathroom Cleaning Drill Accessory Kit
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This accessory kit works with your drill and uses non scratching scrubs but can go at much faster speeds than you can with your old fashioned elbow grease.  This works really well on older dull looking tubs.  So before you replace your tub try cleaning it really well first with a drill and pads.  You can bring an old pink, blue, yellow or green tub back to life using these.

There are also great paints on the market that can paint over tiles.  If you have a boring tiled backsplash and don’t want the expense of ripping it out, you can paint over it with special tile paint.  As long as they are in good shape and not falling off the wall this works great.  You can even paint the vanity doors and change out their hardware.  If you have room in your budget for some extras, you could change out the fixtures such as the faucets or the lights for a dramatic change.

These accessories are created with bold colours in mind.  Usually large flowers and bright colours and circles from the 60s and 70s are involved with this style.  You can really personalize this bathroom by adding lots of bright colours and bright coloured towels to the space too.

If you are renting, just changing the shower curtain and adding some nice towels can personalize the bathroom.  You can get these in many stores, and spend lots on them at higher end decorating stores, but you can get just as much variety and good deals online at such sites as Amazon for example.  There are some awesome patterns and colors to choose from.  Skip that boring white or clear one, get something with a bright colour or bold patterns.

If you love the idea of going retro or even shabby chic, then pick out your shower curtain first.  This will be the largest impact on your space, and then pick out the paint colours and towels to match or compliment and you will have an instant transformation of your bathroom.

So, if you love bold colours, then consider the retro look to decorate your bathroom this year.