Retro Shower Curtains

No need to get a time machine to get a blast from the past, retro shower curtains will give you an instant 70's and 80's make over and give the vintage feel to your once boring bathroom. Retro shower curtains are also great for showing your personality and flaunting your style in decorating the home. You will find that adding retro curtains will go long way with regards to presentation. Read on and find out what makes retro shower curtains one of the appealing choices for bathroom shower curtains.

More than just a decorative curtain

The bathroom is one of the first rooms you visit daily. Imagine bright and colorful colors greeting you every morning, waking up to this would surely lighten up your mood and make you start the day right. Retro shower curtains are more than just a decorative; it is also a part of self-expression and presentation. The bathroom, one of the used to be neglected spaces in the house, has been given more attention lately, one factor is because it is one of the easiest and less expensive rooms to outfit and manipulate. Add a retro shower curtain and bam! - Instant character. One should also not forget the utility value of a retro shower curtain. Like all shower curtains, it prevents the water form splashing out of the bath that makes the floors and surrounding walls wet. Wet floors and walls can be a venue for propagation of bacteria, that later form into scum. The presence of scum will in turn be the start of ruined flooring that you will need to spend on to get replaced. Retro shower curtains will serve as your funky bodyguard from this scum.

What exactly is retro?

Retro is the style of the past, specifically during the 1970's and 1980's.The imagery it projects is that of post-modern art. It is what is vintage for at least fifteen or twenty years. So what do you consider retro in a shower curtain? Polka dots, circles, checkered, black and white photography are the trade marks of retro. Curtains with outdated cartoons can also be considered retro. Anything of a funky looking pattern or anything that makes you reminiscent of the past, when printed into a shower curtain, makes it the retro shower curtain today.

Things to consider

When buying a retro shower curtain you already have an idea on what kind of design you would like-something retro, but there are still things to be considered when you purchase retro shower curtains. These include size, color and material. With regard to sizes, there is an array to choose from. Most home and bath stores have the standard 72 by 72 inch curtain. There are also extra long shower curtains that range from 84-96 inches in length, though these are an uncommon find in stores. You can log on online to buy one. Customized sizes are also available online, what is important is that you choose the size that fit your bath.

The different materials of shower curtain fabric include vinyl, PVC-free, polyester, Rayon, combination of cotton and rayon, cotton and polyester. Other users of vinyl complained about it being dangerous to health when it comes in contact with hot water so they tend to shy away from the material. Shower curtains are more or less easy to clean. Rayon and polyester blends may have to be dry cleaned, cotton-rayon blends can be machine washed. When choosing the material, choose one that is airy and dry.

Colors, we have said that black and white is a trademark of retro, but one can always opt to go for bold colors, from yellow, pink, blue, green, rust, cream etc. Everything available in the color spectrum can still be applied to fit retro. You could also choose to go semi transparent. In choosing color always consider if you have a color scheme for your bathroom in mind. If not you could always make the shower curtain the main piece and let your other decors follow suite to the theme of the curtain. It may be the focal point of the room, making it the star of the show.

All these, size, material, color, and design are the factors for determining the price of retro shower curtains. There are prices that are low as 10 dollars and as high as 30-100 dollars. One should also note that that there are not a lot of designs that are truly retro or as funky in home stores. If you are serious in finding a unique retro piece, some serious deep digging is required. Some specialty stores may have the perfect shower curtain for you. They have a lot more variety to offer. If you really have your heart set on a particular retro design you can always have your curtain customized to the retro shower curtain you want it to be.