Retro Sonic Chorus

The Legenday Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble:

The Retro Sonic Chorus faithfully reproduces the circuitry of a guitar pedal considered by many to be the "holy grail" of chorus effect. 35 years ago, Boss guitar effects was in it's infancy, just a bud of potential in the music industry. The first guitar pedal they ever produced was called the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble. Over 7 million sales later, it is still considered to be the best pedal they ever produced for the money. People instantly fell in love with the thick chorus and spectacular vibrato. Praised for it's incredible versatility while keeping the controls simple, it only uses three knobs to control both effects. Still fetching well over $300 dollars for the vintage pedal, getting your hands on a CE-1 is difficult to say the least. Additionally, the original CE-1 did not have battery power option, and finding a pedal with a working power supply can be even more difficult and expensive. If you don't have the cash, or the patience to wait for one to go up for auction, there is an alternative available.

Retro Sonic Chorus

Founded in 2001 in Ottawa, Canada Retro Sonic got it's start with it's hand made re-creation of the Roland CE-1 chorus sound. Every Retro Sonic pedal is hand designed, hand wired, and hand tested before it is sent out. The Retro Sonic Chorus pedal is internationally acclaimed and has led to Retro Sonic remaking several other boutique pedals including an analog delay, phaser, overdrive, and compression pedal.

The chorus on the pedal is so flexible, it can be used thicken up a slow picked ballad, use it really "wet" to create sounds unique to your pedal chain. The control is simple with the chorus side of the pedal only having one knob to increase or decrease the saturation of the chorus effect. Most people find setting the dial between 9 o'clock and noon gives a wonder shimmering tone to clean chords.

In addition to generating outstanding lush chorus effects, the Retro Sonic Chorus pedal utilizes a dual switch stomp box to include the vintage vibrato effect that you hear so often in classic rock hits. The vibrato effect is most popular for creating the "Leslie" speaker sound that is more commonly used in Hammond organs. With the release of the "stereo" version of the Retro Sonic chorus, getting realistic Leslie sounds is now even easier.

The Retro Sonic Chorus pedal is rather pricey but features a hand wired true bypass circuit that is sure to make a great addition to any pedal board. Although the original CE-1 weighted 5-6lbs, required AC power, and were difficult to find, Retro Sonic did the guitar community a favor by designing and constructing these pedals. Not only are they a true replication of the original "holy grail" but they are smaller, lighter, and more easily assessable. The Retro Sonic Chorus pedal has become the industry measurement against which all chorus pedals are compared. The best deals can be found on authority sites online like or eBay.