Retro sRetro Style Clothingtyle clothing describes fashionable apparel which imitates the style of another era - a fashion style associated with a past period- and this fashion, which spanned the 1960's through to the 1970's is primarily related to a post contemporary stylistic trend in fashion and style.

Retro style clothing was a great favourite and was highly popular during the late 1960's. Being a notion of 'retro chic' fashionable clothing , retro style clothing was originally created by the well known Parisian avante garde. It embraces period trends in stylish clothing, and all fashion enthusiasts of today may rightly agree that the retro style clothing trends can be rightly described as being a 'storehouse' for the present and the fashion of the future.

When talking about the now popular classic and vintage clothing market of today, the main difference that will be found between vintage style apparel and retro style clothing is actually one of history and the period designs of old.

Vintage style clothing as we know it is the chic, sophisticated and classy fashion era which falls between the 1920's through to the 1950's, a pre retro fashion period. On the other hand, retro style clothing commonly relates to all styles - especially for the young and young at heart - spanning the 1960's to the 1980's.

Retro style clothing and apparel can therefore be understood to be a process of re- creating, reproducing and re-enacting history, weaving it into nostalgic apparel 'narratives' for the chic and trendy 21st century fashionistas and trend setters.

The traditional 60's mod style retro clothes were created and developed by some of the best creative and the most renowned designers of the time. Fashion designers like the famous Mary Quant, Ossie Clark, Yves St. Laurent, very popular Biba, and many others. However, during the 1990s and thereabouts, vintage fashion and retro style clothing became a very distinguishable "appearance" in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.

Retro style clothing is ideal for anyone seeking a fashion signature that is a different and more unique variety and collection of unusually stylish clothes. These kind of clothes are definitely not the style to be found in the typical high street outlets or shopping malls. Additionally, with the wearing of retro style clothing, you can achieve a form of get personal flexibility because many retro style clothing and fashion are made from patterns that are generally inspired by vintage patterns of the 20th century. And the good thing about retro is that its available in various sizes. This is due to the fact that pattern reproductions now come in larger sizes nowadays.

Wearing retro style clothing has now evolved into the noticeable mainstream fashion, considering the comeback of flares, bells, fly collars, the low- rise pants and the platform heels.


Its good to attune yourself to chic and fashionable retro style clothing now. Its so easy to create your own style, and prepare for 2010 with a burst of fashionable sense. You can start off researching by visiting the numerous online stores and fashion galleries. On the other hand, you can buy fashion magazines and check out the fashion pages. This can help and guide you by giving you good ideas that will help you fashionably put together eye catching and trendy ensembles.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have vintage stores in your locality, you can also visit them, check out their available retro style clothing stock. It will help tremendously in opening you up to ideas of how you can create your own style by a mix-and-match of the old, the new and the vintage and retro inspired.

Don't restrict your choice to clothing alone. Remember, great accessories will enhance and accentuate the clothing. Important accessories such as the right shoes, handbags, vintage costume jewellery, and don't forget the hats and pins.

Give your wardrobe a 'makeover' by investing in timeless couture clothing such as retro style clothing, and join the community of the new and unique fashionistas!