Looking to renovate your home for a retro look?

Redecorating a room in your house to create a retro look can get expensive. However, retro vinyl flooring can help you get the look without overspending.

Low sheet vinyl prices make retro vinyl flooring an attractive option to give your kitchen or dining room a new and unique look, without breaking the bank. Check out these two great decorating options to transform your room with this great flooring option.


Checkered Vinyl FlooringRetro Black and white Checkered vinyl flooringCredit: The print shop 3.0 Professional

Black and white checkered floors are the obvious choice for retro vinyl flooring and one of the best ways to make a huge impact. To get the vintage diner look, you can purchase sheets of black and white checks or buy the individual squares in black and white.

Check flea markets and yard sales for old chrome tables and cherry red chairs to continue making your bold statement.

Finish the look with vintage signs for brands like Coca Cola. Guests will be sure to love the look, but the floors will be the star of the show.


Red Vinyl FlooringRetro Red Vinyl FlooringCredit: Amazon

To get a retro look without using a material as bold as checkered flooring, consider using red vinyl flooring. This retro vinyl flooring choice looks great with a wide variety of decor options. Start by purchasing tiles or sheets to cover your floor.

To keep things retro, find some mod black chairs to put around a metal table with a white top. Add red accents such as a wall clock, dish towels, and even small appliances on the counters. White curtains with red polka dots or stripes will pull the room together for a great retro look.


Where to Buy Retro Vinyl Flooring

While many house improvement stores stock retro vinyl flooring, the largest variety of prints and styles is usually to be found online.

Retro Vinyl FlooringCredit: The print shop 3.0 Professional

A simple visit to your favourite search engine will return an endless collection of styles and models, from comic figures to psychedelic prints, to black and white checked retro flooring  that can be combined with plain tiles to give a modern edge to retro decoration.

However, make sure you only buy retro vinyl flooring that is actually suitable for floors, as some tiles are intended to be used only as decoration and are not thick or durable enough to walk on them.


Sheet Vinyl Prices and Installation

Vinyl is often sold in sheets or rolls that are easy to install using vinyl glue. However, if you want to save yourself the mess you can also use no gluevinyl flooring for an even easier installation.

Renovations and installation of vinyl flooringCredit: The print shop 3.0 Professional

Sheet vinyl prices are among the lowest among flooring materials, and buying the materials and installing the floor yourself in a ten by twelve foot room will only cost an average of $300. But if money is the issue, you can get vinyl floors for as low as $1.35 per square meter if you buy online.

In most cases, you can install vinyl flooring yourself on top of your existing concrete floors, without having to remove the old flooring first. This means the installation of your new retro vinyl flooring can take just a few hours instead of making the room unusable for several days. Vinyl tiles are also easy on your health, as you won’t need aggressive chemicals to install them.

If you're thinking about taking your kitchen back in time, don't break the bank to make it happen. Retro vinyl flooring is the inexpensive and easy to install solution to creating a big change in your room.