Some people think that retro and vintage style is the same. Although they seam close they are completely different. Both come from completely different styles. Included below is an in depth description and analyses of both vintage and retro style wedding dresses. 

People love and cherish retro wedding dresses. There is something magical about the vintage lace and satin that takes you back to more innocent time. You feel like a princess when you slip you the delicate fabric on and admire the exquisite design. Many of these timeless treasures remain unrivaled in design and workmanship. It will add an extra sparkle of brilliance to your special day.

Although, finding a vintage wedding dress may not be easy. It will be worth all the work when you see his face as you walk down the aisle. Many people that own a old dress may not want to part with it for any price so you may have to have your something borrowed be the dress of your dreams. . The ones you do find may be of poor quality or the fabric may be too old to be modified to your size. Be particularly cautious when buying online. What you get may not be quite as described.


The main thing to consider first is the current state of the retro wedding dress. You want to get that rare old fashioned look, but you don’t want to show up at your wedding in rags. Pay close attention to the integrity of the fabric. Multiple uses or years in storage can wear down the delicate fibers. That is why it is best to examine the dress inperson before you decide to buy. Close relatives, like your mother or grandmother might have the perfect gown tucked away somewhere. Make sure to ask them first before launching a worldwide search for the gown of your dreams.


A retro wedding dress can be an extremely exciting addition to your special day. People will remember how gorgeous you were for years to come. The pictures will be stunning. You can also be assured that none of your friends will have a similar dress.  New dresses are great. But it is hard to find one that you can be assured no one else will be wearing the same style at their wedding. Retro dresses can provide a Bride with that something special that not too many people think of when planning their wedding.

As exciting and enticing as it sounds to wear a retro wedding dress on your wedding day, keep in mind the rarity makes them very expensive. No wedding dress is cheap, but as with all antiques the mere fact that they survived the years increases the price.  So keep in mind when planning your budget that it is hard to know how much or how little you will have to pay for your perfect dress. You have found your perfect partner now go find your perfect dress.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage style wedding dresses come in all sorts of styles. To be considered vintage a dress has to be at least 25 years old. You know how much styles have changed through the years, so you have huge a selection of styles to choose from. You may be partial to your mother’s dress from the 80s or your grandmother’s from the sixties. Maybe you want to go even farther back. Whichever era you like best, you are sure to find a fabulous dress made during that time.


Finding the one wedding dress that is made for you is sometimes a little hard, but well worth the work. You wedding dress really set the tone for the whole wedding. After the wedding on of the main things that people talk about is what the Bride wore. Seeing you in your incredible dress has the power to make your Mom and Grandmother cry with joy. Your new husband will be speechless when you walk down the aisle. All of your guests will watch you and your special someone get married in awe. Everyone will be sure to ask you where you got such an beautiful dress and who is the designer. Your unmarried friends will be green with envy when they find out that your dress in vintage and can not just be picked up at the local dress shop.


If you only want a vintage style dress, a new dress designed from a certain decade, you might have to pay a little more. This is considered a custom made dress and you will need a very talented dressmaker to handle the task. Finding one in your local thrift shop or vintage store will be much cheaper. A vintage style wedding dress has a special romantic air. It takes you back to time before you were born and will definately turn some heads on your wedding day.


Some of these dresses are in remarkable condition. With a few minor alterations you can have a gorgeous dress that fits like it was made just for you. Many vintage shops have a great selection of dresses from just about every era designed in the most famous fashion houses of Paris, London and America. These are obviously just a few examples. You can find diverse vintage wedding dress styles in many many different countries.


Just imagine walking down the aisle in a dress that makes you look like you are just stepping out of a old Hollywood movie. The glamour of a vintage wedding dress is really special. Of course all wedding dresses are special but when you have a vintage dress then you have a dress that has history. When you get married you know that this is one of the most special days of your entire life and now you have something extra special to share with your daughter or granddaughter one day.


Thanks for checking out my article. Hopefully it has helped you gain a better understand on both retro and vintage wedding dresses.