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In two months, I will have been away from pharmacy work for one year. I’ve been casually looking for another position ever since I quit my last job. I’ve been making it by stretching my savings, the generosity of others, and taking the odd freelance writing work. I’ve finally come to the point that I need full-time work again to keep afloat in the life I have created. I want the transition to go smoothly so I am taking a few steps before I’m hired.


Since I haven’t had a steady nine to five job, I haven’t gone to bed with any real regularity. My first step in preparing to return to work is to regulate my sleeping habits. I plan to retire at ten pm and to rise again at seven am. This will give me an hour to settle my mind and review my day. Then I will have a solid eight hour sleep cycle and be refreshed for the day ahead.


I eat at regular intervals at this point, but the food I have access to at home is not veryapplesCredit: deposit photo convenient to eat at work. My preferred lunch is a bowl of ground buckwheat hydrated by two cups of caffeinated tea. Lunch is usually a quick thirty minutes and then back to the grind, so I don’t want to wait for my tea to steep. I prefer to eat light food because anything heavy clouds my mind and makes it hard to concentrate. My lunch will now consist of a handful of nuts, an apple, and a leafy green wrap with tofu.

Along with having a healthy lunch, it is vital to have a good breakfast, snack, and dinner. My breakfast is where I will get the energy to start my day. This is where I will put the bowl of buckwheat and caffeine tea. Around eleven I will take a break and eat a homemade chia power square. I’m not fond of cooking so over the weekend I make a large bowl of stew, casserole, or chili. I will freeze the meal in portion sizes, so I only have to thaw them when I want to eat dinner.


WaterCredit: Deposit ImagesI drink plenty of water throughout the day now, and I want to continue that habit. I have a large water bottle which I will fill daily and make sure I drink the entire bottle by the end of the day. I know drinking water keeps me alert, hydrated, happy, so I’m going to make it easy to stay that way.


Not only is it tough to get back into a routine, but it’s easy to get run down if I don’t create an outlet for stress or rebuild my stamina for long eight hour shifts. Right now, I take walks or ride my bike when I feel like it, but if I want to be prepared for the mental rigor, and I need to exercise consistently for a minimum of twenty minutes per day. This will also help me with deep breathing so my head will be clearer and twice as ready to solve problems.

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My wardrobe currently consists of jeans and tee shirts, but in the professional world of pharmacy, I will need a more sophisticated look. The right balance for me is comfortable and functional. I’m not worried about parading the latest fashion, but I want to reflect my position. Corduroys are great option along with the classic khaki pants which allow a comfortable fit without looking shabby. Shirts are fairly easy too, either an empire waist or a simple button up top. It will depend if I’m required to wear a smock when I’m hired, but loose and relaxed clothes are the way to go in a potentially stressful environment.ChristineCredit: Self

Shoes are a vital part of having a good day at work for me. I prefer a sturdy shoe with a supportive sole. I’m careful to avoid anything with a tall heel, even though it would grant me a higher stature, I know my legs and back would be aching by the end of the day. Pain leads to a bad attitude, and that creates a poor day for me, my coworkers, and the customers I will serve. The lesser of the two evils is a frumpy and functional shoe.


I have the luxury of choosing when I will shower or brush my teeth because I work from home. When I go back into the workforce, I will need to be consistent in my hygienic habits. I plan to start exercising in the morning after I wake up for twenty to thirty minutes, I will take a shower and put on my professional clothes for the day. I will make my breakfast and eat it, and then I will brush my teeth. It’s a simple routine, but I know I will benefit from it, and my new coworkers will be grateful too.


Honda CivicCredit: SelfNow that I will be driving to work five days out of the week it’s very important to make sure my vehicle is sound. This is the time to get an oil change, have all the fluids checked, get a tune up, and get the tires rotated. When I know my car is in top running condition, I know that I won’t have any trouble making it into work on time, and my new boss will appreciate that.

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It’s going to be a big change for my cats when I’m gone for eight hours at a time. I plan tocats sleepingCredit: self keep my schedule of playing with them for twenty minutes before I leave, that way they will sleep most of the time while I am gone. When my cats are anxious, they tend to become destructive, I am trying to be proactive by getting them used to me being gone by volunteering in the community for a few hours every week. I will also make sure to clean the litter box every morning and make certain that they have plenty of water to drink. I will play with them again for ten to twenty minutes when I get home, so they won’t be riled or anxious when I want to go to bed.

I’m kind of excited to go back to work outside my home. I miss the interaction I have with people, and I really missed the money I made too. Are you going back to work or school? How are you preparing? Please leave a comment.