If you love the ease of your Keurig coffee maker but do not want the expense of constantly buying individual coffee pods, then reusable K cups are great K cup alternative.  Ask anyone who buys their own coffee maker or receives a Keurig as a gift…you go through the sampler pack rather quickly.  It seems that because it is so fast an easy to brew coffee in a Keurig, people end up drinking more coffee than they ever did before.  And when you have company over, your coffee pods disappear even faster!

Reusable K Cups are a Great K Cup AlternativeCredit: www.amazon.comWhat is a Reusable K Cup?
A reusable K cup are simply a vessel for putting in your favorite coffee.  Just as you would pop a disposable K cup into the holster, you do the same with a reusable one.  The only difference is that you spoon in your coffee before brewing as opposed to selecting a pod to put into the holster.

Why Reusable K Cups are a Great K Cup Alternative

While there are ways to get deals on K cups, for many people, the cost of buying disposable pods over and over again is one reason they hesitate to invest in a single cup coffee system.  With a reusable K cup, you can still purchase your favorite coffee on sale and brew it instantly in your Keurig, as opposed to making a small pot of coffee.  If you are a coffee lover, this point alone can save you hundreds of dollars a year!K cup alternatives save the planetCredit: www.amazon.com

Although there are close to two hundred different kinds of K cup flavored coffees, there are people who still love their Maxwell House and Chock Full Of Nuts coffee.  Others still like to grind their own coffee beans and brew. With this K cup alternative, you can still have your favorite brand of coffee, along with the ease of a single cup coffee maker. 

Even better, by making your own K cups, you are being “green”.   Just think about the millions of plastic disposable pods and foil lids are now sitting in land fills that were not there just a few years ago.  A refillable K cup does not harm the landscape of the earth.

And best of all, the pod is easy to clean!Reusable K cups make a great gift(76756)Credit: www.amazon.com

While there are many benefits to your wallet and to the planet, before you invest in a refillable K cup, you need to make sure that it is compatible with your brewing system.  Not all brands can fit all coffee makers.

Across the board, the reviews have been positive. Coffee lovers agree that reusable k cups are a great K cup alternative.