Going back to school also means packing lunch bags for many parents.  If you tend to go through many plastic baggies with the various snacks then you should try using a reusable sandwich wrap in the lunch bags this year.

This is a great green alternative to those baggies, as many areas do not recycle these and they just end up in the landfill.  You can use plastic containers, but some of these containers are big and too bulky for the lunch bag, especially if you like to pack a few snacks as well. 

Using these cool looking reusable sandwich wraps is a great way to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint.  The less we throw away the better.  Now when I first checked these out I was a bit concerned about food safety, but they are created in the USA with a food safe liner so there are no worries about that.

There are no gaps or areas that food can get trapped and they clean 

Reusable Sandwich Wrap

very easily.  Kids are likely to use them as they can be purchased in cool colours and easy to stuff back into the lunch bag when they are finished.

The best part about these reusable lunch bags and wraps is that when you open out the sandwich they become a clean surface to eat from, kind of like an in

stant place mat.  There are many styles of these, as more and more come on the market. 


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It all depends on your preference.  Some start as a simple flat piece that you fold up with Velcro and others can be purchased as bags.  But both can be wiped cl

Imagine just how many plastic baggies could stay out of the landfill or even in the recycling blue boxes if you stopped using them in favour of a reusable one.ean and thrown in the washer if they get dirty, and then ready to be used again.

If you are crafty, you could also make your own, but you will need to make sure that the plastic is food safe.  There are sites that sell bondable or fuseable plastic just for this purpose, and there are many sites out there with free patterns.

Instructables.com/reusable-sandwich-wrap is just one of many sites that has a great pattern if you prefer to make your own.

As more and more people try to do their part in reducing their garbage at the end of the driveway or even reducing how much ends up in the blue box for recycling, you are going to see more products such as these reusable sandwich wraps on the market.  There are also some great ideas for recycling other back to school products such as backpacks, your school binders and even your shoes!

All your kids have to do is to remember to stuff them back in the lunch bag when they are finished, and bring them home.  No more searching for plastic lids to those containers.  These are very user friendly not only for kids but for adults too as many are brown bagging it to work these days.

If you were packing 4 lunches each night, and were using a baggy for each sandwich then the snacks, you can imagine the waste.  These wash well, and are ready for the next day. 

If you invest in a few upfront, then they will last for a very long time, and you will always have some on hand while the others are drying out.  No fears of spoilage or bacteria as long as the plastic liner is food quality rated and you wipe it clean. 

So, just look for a rating, and then be confident that you are helping the environment as well as your pocketbook in using these reusable wraps for lunches this year.