Tea Bags and Spices

Tea Spice in ContainersCredit: Angelo Rodriguez PhotosCredit: Angelo Rodriguez Photos

Use them in your pantry to keep foods safe from pests. I use them to keep my tea bags, different lunchmeat containers for different flavors or types of teas. Spice bags fill up a few more.  In one container I keep equal sweetener packs, and others have snack bars. They stack up nicely in the pantry.


Keep your fresh veggies fresh longer by repacking them into these plastic containers. I repackage mushrooms, broccoli florets, carrots, etc. They also help keep small fruits like grapes, blueberries, and strawberries from going bad quickly. I put a folded paper towel sheet in each container then add the vegetable or fruit of my choice. Pop on the lid and store in the fridge.


Lunchmeat Container

with Seashells

SeashellsCredit: Angelo Rodriguez PhotosCredit: Angelo Rodriguez Photos

Do you craft? Use clean lunchmeat containers to hold you craft items. Use as many as you need to keep all your goodies organized. I use them to store my seashells, coral, and other items I use to make shell crafts.


If you like to sew, these containers make great keepers for all your goodies. Use one for your button collection, or your needle packs, and another for your bobbins of thread.


Are you a gardener? Place your extra seeds in a zip bag then put the zip bag inside a lunchmeat container. Use the containers for storing pebbles and dry, granular fertilizer. Keep plant tags and other small items in other containers.


Do you like to cook? Use the containers to hold leftovers. You can also fill them with food and gift them to your friends and relatives who like your cooking. I like my mother’s rice and she knows it. When she cooks rice, she’ll make enough to fill a container for me.


Finally, when all else fails:  put them into the recycle bin with your other plastics.


These are just some ideas for re-using lunchmeat containers. You can probably think of others. Share them by leaving them in the comments attached to this article.


Veggies and Fruits

Fruits(41773)Credit: Angelo Rodriguez PhotosCredit: Angelo Rodriguez Photos


Wash your lunchmeat containers with soap and water. Make sure they are dry before using - unless of course you are storing soup or some other liquidy item in them.

When veggie and fruit containers are emptied, throw out the paper towel and wash the  containers before using again.

 It would probably be better not to use them in a microwave although I wash mine in the dishwasher.


Plastic containers are made of …. plastic. Keep them away from high heat, such as your stove top burners or an open flame.