file shredder
Credit: morguefile

Haste makes for waste when it comes to those shreds of paper that are produced by your home or office file shredder. It turns out that there are some useful ways to use them instead of depositing them into their assigned recycling receptacle.

1- They can be used as packing materials to insulate items for shipping

It is really unnecessary to spend a fortune, or have to make a special shopping trip, to purchase Styrofoam peanuts or other items for your needs. They are also more space efficient and flexible. They are small in size and one can adjust the amount used to fit almost any shippable container.

2- Fruit that is stored for use later can be cushioned by it

Apples, oranges, or other fruits suitable for consumption in the future are better protected from bruising and other damage if they are wrapped in newspaper then separated using shreds. They are also less likely to be hurt if the need arises to transport the boxes to a different place or just reorganize them within their storage location.

3- Pet beds can be made and filled with this stuff

Any size of bedding, either pre-made or owner designed and created, could be chosen to match the size and needs of a pet. It could be extra-large for a dog or ultra small for a cat. Pillows could be bought unfilled at a retail store. If you sew you could measure for the proper size then cater it to meet the needs of your pet with the material that fits your fancy.

4- Shreds are the right size to creatively encourage your kids and family to papier mache

Art can be created from the paper pieces and a flour paste, or a white PVA glue like Elmer's or DAP,  to celebrate a holiday season or whimsically express emotion like a dramatic mask. What a good way for members of a family to express themselves and get creatively engaged in a fun activity.

These are just a few of the ways shreds can be reintroduced into our lives putting the fun in functional.