Before I get too carried away with the subject of revenue sharing sites and the earning capacity for writers, it's important to mention that the experience for everyone is different, no matter what revenue sharing site they write for. But I have written before about the simple way to make money from Infobarrel with real expectations for results. I'll talk primarily in this article about Infobarrel, since that is the site I am focusing my efforts on, and I'll explain why later down the track.

Lifestyle income

IF you're interested in what the whole concept of revenue sharing actually means for writers it's like this. Most of the revenue sharing sites use Adsense, which is an advertising program which delivers targeted ads to the reader of the page the ad is located on. Some revenue sharing sites use other advertising networks as well – like Infobarrel for example, they use Chitika and Amazon as well.

So let's say a user clicks on an ad which is displayed on a page which features an article you've submitted… you get paid! Well, most of the time anyway. See it's revenue sharing, which means that the website you're publishing on gets a cut of the advertising revenue too. Only fair, since they're supplying the venue and paying the bills right? Depending on the revenue sharing site the percentage of the share of the revenue that goes to you will differ.

For Infobarrel, the percentage will be at least 75% no matter what – and depending on a number of factors around your submission of material, can be as high as 90%. That's the thing I really like about InfoBarrel as a revenue sharing site – the level of earnings is entirely up to you within defined limits. Other revenue sharing sites will not even talk about what percentage of revenue you're actually getting – which isn't at all fair in my opinion.

Money Tree (39873)

The earnings capacity for writers on revenue sharing sites like Infobarrel is unbelievavle, and pretty much (as far as I can tell anyhow) limited only by the amount of articles submitted by a writer. Naturally it also depends on a website remaining up and running, and the attitudes of the owners to the writers. I have to say that I've noticed the admin staff at Infobarrel are always quick to answer questions and provide information when requested. Recent changes to policies were announced thoughtfully and respectfully, which says a lot about how the owners of the site views the community that is built around it.

Earnings potential is a common topic around any money making venture, especially online these days, and there's a reason for it – people are looking for information, hungry for ways to contribute something positive and be able to reap some monetary rewards for it. Infobarrel as a site continues to grow in members, articles, and popularity – the only question is whether you will be one of the people that wonders what could have been if only… At least give it a try – sign up to Infobarrel and start writing to generate ongoing passive income.