Revenue Sharing Sites and Income Potential for Writers

A look at Info Barrel's potential

With revenue sharing sites all the rage at the moment, and momentum is still growing, it is important to know just how to make the most from revenue sharing sites and the opportunities on offer. InfoBarrel is a site which is growing in popularity every day, and is considered one of the top revenue sharing sites around.

How does the revenue share actually work?

Compared to other revenue sharing sites, InfoBarrel stands out from the crowd with growing community, excellent admin and site owners and a great structure which leaves a lot of choice and power (when it comes to monetary compensation) to the contributing author. Many similar sites don't publicize the percentage of the split that they offer, which isn't the way to go. After all if I'm going to be spending my time writing for revenue sharing sites I want to know how much my share of the advertising revenue is to be.
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After a few teething problems with the introduction of a new 2.0 site, InfoBarrel has gone from strength to strength. The site's rankings are growing every day, which will result in an increased share of the revenue for the writers as the traffic increases. Many similar sites offer a transparent revenue sharing structure, but none are as flexible as that provided by InfoBarrel. It is completely up to the writer what the percentage of revenue is that they get from their work thanks to the monthly running of contests. Apart from Amazon vouchers to be won for the top three placegetters, the opportunity exists to increae the revenue share percentage the writer receives. They will receive at least 75%, and can increase this to 90% - it is up to the writer.


Stop slaving away writing for the profit of others

If you write articles for others for a few dollars each, just stop. You can still write articles, submit them yourself on InfoBarrel and get a fair share of the revenue that article generates on the site, instead of selling yourself short and letting someone else profit endlessly for your hard work. You're worth much more than that. While there are other sites that offer a share of the revenue like InfoBarrel does for you to submit your work to, there is not other (in my opinion) that offers such a great future for your published work, in terms of monetary reward and a platform for you to publish further works. What's more - here's a plan for your Info Barrel campaign!

It is so refreshing to be able to submit your work to a site and receive a share of the profit - revenue sharing sites are not all alike though. It makes sense to submit your work to a site and increase your income with a passive stream of income from your submitted work. Don't be afraid to find out more - it is in your best interests to find the best revenue sharing site to increase your profits.