Whistling Kettle


Attractive, classic design

Easy to fill with water

Water boils quickly

Whistles when the water boils

Easy to pour the boiling water out of the kettle

Plastic handle does not get hot

Easy to keep clean


Can't be washed in the dishwasher

Full Review

I have missed having a classic Revere whistling kettle in my kitchen. Like many other people, I used the microwave for boiling water for a single cup of tea or for the occasional cup of instant cocoa. By using a two-cup measuring cup, I could even boil water for Jell-O. When I needed many cups of water to make ice tea, it was awkward to boil multiple measuring cups of water using the microwave, and quite frankly, I thought it a little dangerous. Usually, after boiling the first measuring cup of water, the cup was hot, and I was fearful I could be burned. Since summer is not complete in the South unless we have lots of sweet iced tea, I decided this year that I would once again get a Revere whistling kettle for my kitchen.

One day last spring we drove to Williamsburg, VA for a day of fun and shopping. While shopping, I visited an outlet store for Revere products, and I spotted a whistling kettle, just like the one I had before. Since I knew the product and wanted a whistling kettle, I bought it. If you decide you want a Revere whistling kettle, no need to drive to an outlet; save your gas money, and order it online. Amazon sells the same whistling kettle for only fifty cents more. (Today's price.)

The attractive, classic design of the stainless steel copper bottom Revere whistling kettle never goes out of style and blends with any décor. As we hear more and more about the dangers of different materials used to make kitchenware, one material that remains consistently on the good products list is stainless steel. The copper bottom on this whistling kettle is a signature of the company, but it also enables it to boil quicker.

The Revere whistling kettle is easy to fill with water and whistles loudly when the water boils. This is a real plus for me since I live in a two story house, and I can hear it upstairs. It is also a safety factor; suppose you put a pot of water on to boil, get distracted, and forget the pot of water? This could not only damage your pot and stove, but it could also become a fire hazard.

The plastic handle on the whistling kettle does not get hot, so it is easy to pour the boiling water out of the kettle into a cup or a pitcher for tea.

In addition to all the above, the whistling kettle is easy to keep clean. Since it is stainless steel, just wash it off. Should some grease splash on it while cooking, just scrub it with some baking soda and a soft cloth, and presto, it's gone.

In Closing

I highly recommend the Revere whistling kettle. This is my second whistling kettle, and I would not want to be without one in my kitchen again. A whistling kettle, along with a variety of teas, Starbucks instant coffee, and cocoa, arranged in a pretty basket, would make a nice gift.

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