Stop Inflammation All Naturally

Turmeric and Trikatu

Turmeric is an Indian spice used in the preparation of Curry dishes and other recipes. However, in addition to adding flavor and tastiness to a lot of meals, it actually has several important medical benefits. One of the chief benefits of turmeric has to do with its ability to reduce inflammation. Since arthritis involves inflammation of the joints, this spice can be used to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. In fact, there have been some very promising clinical studies demonstrating the curative powers of turmeric. 

A few key tips: If you want to make Turmeric supplements you take more effective, you will want to take them with some black pepper (pepperine). For instance, you could take your dose of turmeric along with trikatu (another Indian herb which contains pepper) and which also provides its share of health benefits, including improved digestion.

On a personal note, I have been taking both turmeric and trikatu (not for arthritis per se, but for general health benefits), and I do feel an increased sense of well-being. Could this just be the placebo effect at work? I suppose it could be chalked up to that, but having read so many articles about just how useful turmeric (and trikatu) can be, I am actually quite convinced that by using these particular natural remedies, I am taking effective measures in safeguarding my health. In addition to helping reverse the symptoms of arthritis, researchers are looking into the possibility that turmeric might also be able to help prevent Alzheimer’s. And on a purely anecdotal level, I have read several glowing testimonials about the relief that turmeric has brought many suffering people, especially those struggling with the symptoms of arthritis and other inflammation-related ailments, as well as those individuals battling acne and other skin conditions.  

Interestingly, turmeric also has external uses. Many people make a sort of turmeric paste that they use to create a sort of facial that can be effective in the reduction of both acne and wrinkles. Some people even claim that it can be used for the successful removal of facial hair. 

It’s amazing to think that one substance can have so many uses and health benefits. If you like to use natural treatments for various ailments (or just to maintain your good health), you may want to investigate turmeric further. You might be happily surprised by what you discover during the course of your research.