Egg on ground
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Last night, I was feeling good and wondering what I was going to do today, when I was tie eggCredit: selfovercome by the fun idea of a reverse Easter egg hunt. Okay, it’s still like a regular Easter egg hunt, but way more fun! Instead of hunting I wanted to provide the treasure to hunt for. My purse has been rattling with loose change for a few weeks, and the original idea blossomed into filling plastic eggs with coins for kids or adults to find in local parks. I wanted to share the experience with someone, but I wasn’t sure who, so I resolved to play secret agent of joy by myself and went to bed. 

This morning I went through my normal routine still wanting to have the reverse Easter egg swing eggCredit: selfhunt experience with someone I love, and then my mom called. She asked what I was up to, and I told her of my funny idea to plant Easter eggs with cash, she was fully on board. We agreed to meet in forty-five minutes, so we could make ourselves presentable to be in public.

At ten o' clock, I pulled up to my mother’s house with a sack of twenty plastic eggs, a roll of quarters, and two five-dollar bills. We dumped our collective loot on her dining room table and started scooping change into the plastic shells. With the last egg filled, we put them in a plastic grocery bag and started the reverse hunt. 

bench eggCredit: selfMy mom suggested a park near the library, and I had been thinking the same one, and we laughed at the synchronicity of our thoughts. We walked to a less visited part of the park and put the initial egg in a tire swing. My mom asked if I agreed that the first egg should go there, I replied that it’s my part to come up with the fun ideas, and you come up with the best ideas for execution. We paced the playground and put a couple more eggs where it felt right, all the while laughing and clapping in our excitement of being secret agents of joy. Some of our fellow patrons at the park, watched us quizzically, but my mom and I kept joyously about our business. When we placed an egg on a bench, we both felt it was time to go to another park. 

Trees swayingCredit: selfWe arrived at a small, kind of run-down, neighborhood park. Straightaway my mom went to the top of the play structure and then said that it didn’t feel right, so we walked a few steps into the wooded area. My mom stopped and found the true place at the base of a tree. When she bent down I heard a distinct tapping sound, and I looked up to see a woodpecker. We stood and watched for a spell, and then we felt the urge to move to another park. 

Parking is always easy at the local dog park, and I was ready to have some fun placing eggs. My mom saw a bright yellow toy she wanted to put the first egg in. I was nervous because I saw a mom watching us with angry suspicion. My mom plunked the egg in the toy, and I snapped a yellow toyCredit: selfpicture and we walked away. My mom remarked that the woman had very hostile energy, I agreed and then said that hopefully our kind act may ease her into a good mood, but that’s not my intention. My only intention is to feel good. We laughed and planted eggs in a few other fun places, taking time to admire the garden area of the park. My mother has a keen eye for beauty, especially the floral kind, and urged me to take pictures to send to her later. I felt drawn to a couple of log benches across the park, and the grass felt like a cushion of pillows beneath my feet. I nestled an egg in a portion of the bench where the wood rotted away. My mom nodded, saying that she would have put the egg in that same exact spot. 

climbing eggCredit: selfWe followed the gravel path to a pair of trees, which looked like a dancing couple frozen in time. It was fun to imagine what kind of music a tree might listen to. The path led out of the woods, and I placed an egg on a park bench where I had shared lunch with a friend a few summers ago. My mom looked back down the trail we had just traveled and said that she wanted to put the final egg in the climbing tree. I snapped what I call in an "action picture" of her placing the last egg on the tree, and we made our way back to the parking lot. 

I looked at the time and asked my mom if she had lunch plans, and she didn’t, so I asked if she would like to join me to eat at Ichi’s. She agreed that it was a wonderful idea. When we arrived egg feetCredit: selfat the register of the restaurant, I turned to my mom and suggested that we get the order to go and to eat at the park. She smiled and let me know she was thinking the same thing. We went back to the first park and were gifted with the chance to see some playful teenagers find an egg. It was a tiny thrill because I don’t usually get to see what happens after I send out a random act of kindness.

I had the best time playing reverse Easter egg hunt with my mom. What kind of random acts of kindness do you practice throughout the year? How would you react if you found an Easter egg full of coins? Let me know in a comment below. If you like this kind of article, please consider sharing with those who would enjoy it.