Loose Teeth? Bleeding Gums? Afraid of Losing Your Teeth Early? Read This!

According to the American Dental Hygenists Association, there is a connection between dental decal and overall health.  "Approximately 80 percent of American adults have some form of periodontal disease and the majority of them do not realize they have it, because in its early stages, it is usually painless. In view of the critical relationship of periodontal disease to overall health, and the staggering number of Americans who develop it, it is essential that the disease be prevented or detected early and treated aggressively"

The American Dental Hygenists Association also states, "The signs and symptoms of many potentially life-threatening diseases appear in the mouth first. Dental hygienists routinely screen for these signs and symptoms during regular oral health examinations and explain their observations to patients, urging them to follow up with a medical visit for a definitive diagnosis. When necessary, dental hygienists also provide therapy for the oral manifestations of systemic diseases."

So why does the American Dental Association and  your dentists tell you the only way to prevent tooth decay is to brush, floss and visit them for a check up every six months.  It is obvious that if 80 percent of the American public have some sort of gum disease, the solution goes beyond normal brush, flossing and painful gum procedures.  The body is designed to run like an efficient machine. In order for that machine to run effectively, you have to fuel it with the right fuel.  Dental decay and gum disease are more than just results of improper hygiene, it is a matter of getting proper nutrients so the body functions properly. 80 percent of the American public does not have improper dental hygiene, however it is more probable that 80 percent of the American public have an improper diet.

To help remove plaque around you can check with your dentist about using a sonic toothbrush.  Sonic technology is really being promoted as one of the best ways to keep plaque which is the leading cause of gum disease other than improper diet, from accumalating along the gumline.  Your dentist office might offer them for hundreds of dollars, but you can get a good sonic toothbrush for under $50. It's the difference between 300 brush strokes (with the human hand) and 22,000 to 30,000 brush strokes per minute with the sonic brush.  If you are having severe gum issues, talk to your dentist and try adding a sonic toothbrush to your daily regime.

Now, getting back to diet; the tooth and gums, just like the rest of the body needs the proper nutrient to survive, otherwise it will start to die/decay. Tooth decay is also a sign that your body is lacking nutrients in general or that your body may be either in a diseased state or developing a health condition.

Before We Go Any Further

Many, many people have also reported getting good results with most dental problems by using colloidal silver.  Silver used to be the preferred antibiotic used in the medical field before the invention of anti-biotics.  It is still used in many hospitals as an antibiotic.  Silver  is said to kill the bad bacteria without harming the good ones.  Using silver with a good sonic toothbrush may solve your dental problems.  Do your research online and look on Amazon to see what colloidal silver products work best. Talk to your dentist for futher advice.

Dr. Price

Dr. Weston Price is famous for his research on nutrition and degenerative diseases. He traveled the world in search of answers for his own practice.  He found that he could reverse dental cavities by more than 200 percent.  His researched proved that there is a natural way to protect your dental healthy by changing your diet.  Dr. Weston Price, who was also a dentist and head of the National Dental Association Research Department, proved that 90 to 95 percent of tooth cavities can be effectively remineralized by improving your diet.


Dr. Weston Price's Book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"Credit: Amazon.comDr. Weston PriceCredit: Amazon.com


The highly processed foods that Americans live on today is not enough to nourish your body the way it needs to be.  Americans are fat, meaning we get a lot of food-but malnourished, meaning the food you eat doesn't provide the right nutrients in the correct form.


Composition Of The Teeth

The tooth enamel is 96 percent minerals with 4 percent water and protein.  The enamel's primary mineral content is made up of Hydroxylapatite which is a delicate balance between Calcium and Phosphorus.  The tooth enamel continually demineralize and re-mineralize.  If the ph in the mouth is continually acidic, then the period of de-mineralization outweighs the period of mineralization. This is when the enamel starts to break down and you get cavities, and subsequent tooth decay. The dental establishment says caries are caused by acids and plaque that attack the teeth which causes excess demineralization.  This may be true, but what about the many Americans who brush after every meal?  Dr. Weston Prices says that dental caries are cause because of an imbalance between the calcium-phosphorus ratio in the tooth. This imbalance is due to improper nutrition.  Calcium


So What Should You Do To Protect Your Teeth And Reverse Dental Decay?


Note: Many people have reported reversal of serious gum infections, tightening of loose teeth and strengthening of gums by using Dr. Schultz tooth and gum formula and daily oral therapy.  You can read more about that on Dr. Shultz's website here.

Other Solutions Include:

Get A Good Book On Nutrition, such as Dr. Price's Book

Everything that happens in the body, barring accidents, or heredity,  has something to do with what you put in your mouth to nourish yourself.  The body is a machine and you have to follow the directions that came with the machinery in order for it to operate properly.  Every home should have a few good books on whole nutrition and how to properly feed the body. 


Change in Diet (High vitamin and mineral content especially vitamin C)

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, yet America as a nation is calcium-deficient.  If people are calcium deficient, then of course they will have problems with bones and teeth.  Eat more fruit and vegetables so that you get your vitamins and minerals through natural sources.  If you are severely deficient, you may perhaps need a supplement. The Food and Drug Administration recommends that you take a multi-vitamin if your doctor recommends it, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or if you have a vegetarian diet. Some studies have shown that foods rich in vitamin C protects the tooth from tooth decay. 


"Raw" Milk

If you live on a farm, drinking unprocessed milk is second nature.  You just milk the cow and drink the milk, sometimes you boil it if necessary.  The milk in pure form has everything for a baby cow to survive, there for it is a complete food.  The ratio between vitamin, minerals, good fats and protein in the milk makes it a superfood for optimal health.  Raw milk is illegal in some states because of the fear that bacteria may contaminate unpasteurized milk supply, however, recent studies and admission by the government has proven "raw milk" to be safe.  More and more people have been getting legislation passed in their states to have "raw milk" available to them.  Cow shares are the most popular way to do this. "Raw milk" can be purchased where it is available and boiled at home. This way it is boiled when you want to drink it and is not sitting on a shelf for days after it has been processed losing its vital nutrients. If you cannot get "raw" milk then the next best thing is "non-homogenized" or "cream at the top" milk.  Organic Valley makes a non homogenized brand of milk. The less processed the milk or any food, the better it is for the body.

"Raw Cheese"

You can get "raw" cheese, which just means it's unprocessed/pasteurized in most health food stores.  It is a concentration of milk proteins and has all the good vitamins and minerals in milk.  For those who cannot get raw milk because it is still illegal in your state, raw cheese is also a good option.


OraMD Extra Strength Oral Hygiene for Gum Problems

OraMD Extra Strength Oral Hygiene for Gum ProblemsCredit: Amazon.com


OraMD has been designed from 3 botanical oils - peppermint, spearmint, and almond. They have studied for over 30 years in order to find the right combination of ingredients at the right potency to help you fight tooth decay. One bottle lasts about one month and it has rave reviews from people who use it on a regular basis.


Spry Mouth Wash/Toothpaste with Xylitol

Spry Dental Products with XylitolCredit: Amazon.com


Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that does not metabolize in the body. Therefore because it does not metabolize, the bacteria has nothing to feed and starves off and dies. Studies have proven that Xylitol has reduced and prevented dental cavities and dental decay and is often dentist recommended.  Xylitol is also a sugar substitute and used by diabetics. The mouthwash and products are sweet but instead of feeding bacteria in the mouth, it starves them to death.  Spry has a whole line of dental products made with Xylitol.

Your Homeopathic Medicine Chest Should Include The Following Cell Salts:

Calceara Phos

Calceara Flour





Super Sea Veg Vita D & SeaCal

Super Sea Veg Vita D & SeaCalCredit: Amazon.com

This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to reverse tooth decay. Sea Veg is a great multi-vitamin that is highly absorble because it is a group of natural sea plants from Iceland. It is great because it has every mineral known to the body inside. This particular formula also has calcium from the sea and vitamin D from sea plant which makes them highly absorbable in the system.  As Scott Kennedy, the originator of Sea Veg says "it contains everything from A to Z." So whatever you are missing in your diet, this surely should have it. You can take up to 6 daily to help reverse tooth decay.  Always talk with your doctor before taking any supplements.


Cure For Tooth Decay

Ramiel Nagel "Cure For Tooth Decay"Credit: Amazon.com

This is another great book to have in your library.  Some of the diet recommendations are a little extreme, but they are only suggestions. You can find other alternatives to get that particular vitamin.  Cod Liver Oil is one of the main suggestions in this book.  Ramiel Nagel studied the research and work of Dr. Weston Price to cure his infant daughter from tooth decay and has used the principles to help himself and his family. 




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