The most recent technologies have given us the opportunity to carry out a simple reverse number lookup for phone numbers, both, for unlisted landline as well as cell phone. Before the launching of the Internet and its subsequent popularity, it was an extremely time consuming and difficult task to get any name and address from a telephone number when the number was unlisted.

Today, however, with the Internet, it is very easy to carry out a reverse number lookup, and as a matter of fact, you will find many companies over the Internet, which are offering these types of services. Of course, this is far different than before when you had to look at a whole list of names alphabetically in the White Pages till you could find that particular one you wanted. But not all online services provide the same quality and quantity of information.

Now, you will be able to choose one from the several companies that offer the chance of looking up information only based on a phone number. Moreover, most companies, when using their services, may not charge any fees for looking up simple information, but you will be charged for any extra information you may need. Such additional information goes far beyond what you would normally consider a basic search service.

It would be sensible to deal with companies which offer both, reverse landline phone number and cell phone lookups. If there happens to be a good company that you have selected to use, you may also get names and addresses of individuals or companies based on inputs of telephone numbers that are unlisted.

What's important is to decide whether you'd like to pay a membership fee or for each lookup you do. Paying an annual fee makes sense for anyone that will do more than three reverse phone searches over the course of a 52 week period. Sales professionals are an easy example of a group of people that will want to perform many searches a year when secury contact information for sales leads.

Finally, prior to selecting a reverse cell phone company, make sure that they will be in a position to provide whatever information you need. See what is provided for the fee prior to paying the fee itself. If you follow these tips, it will not be difficult for you to find the right information like names and addresses by looking up a phone number.