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A lot of times, people living in the US get strange phone calls from numbers we don't recognize. 

More often than not, it's somebody cold calling you to try to sell you a product or service. 

Other times, it's a charity or foundation that's calling people on its list to try and secure donations for their cause.

These are annoying but relatively benign calls that most Americans accept as a natural part of living in a highly marketed-to culture. 


Sometimes, however, rather than just wishing that people weren't calling us, we want to know WHO is on the other end. 

Everybody has their reasons and I'm definitely not here to judge you for yours.

Maybe you've been getting calls from a number that you don't recognize and for whatever reason, you don't want to pick up without first knowing who it is. 

Maybe you suspect that your significant other is cheating on you or that your children are involved in activities that you might not approve of. 

Other times you'll see a mysterious phone number on your bill and feel indignant that you have to pay for somebody else calling YOUR phone!

The next section talks about the phone number lookup and people search options available both through phone companies and free directories as well as online services.

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There are a number of free options for finding out who the heck is trying to contact you.


1.  *69


The first and most obvious one is to dial *69 on your phone. 

This works using both landlines and cell phones. 


The drawbacks of using *69 include having to pay a fee (the fee varies depending on your phone provide/cell phone carrier) and the possibility that the number is blocked. 

People who don't want to be found using *69 can easily request an unlisted number or private number to show up when people attempt to trace them. 


2.  Yellow Pages


The yellow pages is a free service that allows you to find people based on whatever information you happen to have about them.

You can use their address or business name or their phone number. 

There is both the ubiquitous yellow textbook-width book we find on our doorsteps as well as an online version of the yellow pages. 

Obviously, the online version is more versatile and lets you search using whatever information you have on hand, whereas the physical copy only allows you to search by alphabetical order.

Additionally, the online version is constantly updating its database, whereas with the physical version, you have to wait on the new edition before gaining access to updated records.


3.  White Pages


The White Pages is the Yellow Pages only for people.

(The Yellow Pages is considered a business directory).

Again, the same issues that confront the physical version vs. the online version of the yellow pages applies here.

Cellphone Lookup

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

The majority of people today use cell phones instead of landlines.

However, for people who are trying to figure out who is contacting them and why, cell phones pose the biggest obstacle. 

That's because it's easy to have your number blocked so that people can't see who you are when you call them. 

Since YOU are the one being called by this mystery person, you have the right to know who is trying to contact you.  Once you know, then you can decide whether or not you even care to speak to this person!


Reverse Cell Phone Lookup services that uncover hidden information exist online and seem to work for both landlines and cell phone numbers.


It's your right to know who asks for a piece of your time and I hope this article has shown you some of the options at your disposal!