Is it possible to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally?  So many people in America have this condition and the numbers are growing every year.  One would think that since we generally bring this condition upon ourselves with our diet and exercise patterns that we could reverse the condition by changing our behavior.  To some extent this is true but in many cases it is not.  The problem lies in that type 2 diabetes is a condition that represents a level of degradation whereas the early forms of the disease, insulin resistance and high fasting blood sugar levels can be reversed.

Treating Type-2 Diabetes

Steps To Lower Cholesterol Levels In 4 WeeksIn general type 2 diabetes is the result of lifetime of following a poor diet with low levels of exercise.  When people eat a lot of food with low nutritional value many things happen.  Depending on the foods consumed cholesterol levels increase as do blood pressure levels.  Individuals take on unhealthy weight gain.  Andin some cases the body starts slowing in its response to the hormone insulin which is produced by the pancreas when food is broken down by the digestive system.  In short the hormone is supposed to deliver energy in the form of glucose from the digestive tract through the blood stream to the cells of the body.

Many people who experience insulin resistance however start resisting insulin because their body’s are overloaded with it.  As caloric consumption remains high at all times the body may eventually stop reacting to insulin as it should and type 2 diabetes starts to take hold.

The disease however is not the resistance in insulin – the disease is the damage that long time insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels inflict on your body.  When blood sugar remains too high for too long it starts harming the body in different ways.  This typically is irreversible when it occurs.  Nerve damage and circulatory issues are common complications with diabetes as are a continued decline in insulin sensitivity.  Staying in a normal blood sugar range is the best way to avoid this.

How To Reverse Type-2 Diabetes Naturally

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes NaturallyWhat can be reversed however is insulin resistance before long term damage sets in.  When someone starts exhibiting signs of pre-diabetes or insulin resistance then action can still be taken to reverse the condition and prevent type 2 diabetes from ever setting in.  You can reverse type 2 diabetes naturally if you catch it soon enough and take significant enough action.

The best thing that you can do to reverse type 2 diabetes from setting in is to start limiting the types of low nutritional foods you eat.  You need to stop eating foods which are bad for you and substitute them for all the fruits and vegetables that are healthy and supportive of a healthy lifestyle.  At the same time you need to take significant action in your activity levels by adding exercise into your daily routine.

It is not fun but it is the truth – the absolute best way to reverse insulin resistance is by staring to get physically active on a daily basis either by heading out to the gym or by adding physical activity into your daily routine in a significant way.  You need to lose weight and you need to burn calories and by adding physical activity you can accomplish both and help improve insulin resistance.

Rockport Stability Walking ShoesMake sure to wear the best shoes possible too.  Diabetics tend to develop major foot complications over the course of a lifetime so it may make sense to find a high quality pair of diabetic walking shoes.  You may not have the signs of diabetic foot problems but reversing the early signs of diabetes may help in keeping these complications from ever cropping up in the first place.