• Very fun
  • Can be played with almost all ages
  • Portable, easy to play anywhere
  • Easy to learn and play


  • Anyone without a sense of humor will probably be difficult to play with
  • You tend to develop inside jokes with the people you play with, so changing your group can be difficult.
  • Younger children won't understand all of the words. Ability to read is a requirement.

Full Review

Apples to Apples is a fun, lighthearted game that's easy to learn. I fully reccomend it to anyone that's looking for an easy to learn game that can be taken anywhere and can be played with a wide variety of ages. It's also a fun way to get to know each other, as the discussion each round reveals a lot about each players likes, dislikes, and thought processes.

The game has two sets of cards, red and green. Each player starts the game with a handful of red cards, each with a noun (or occasionally, a verb) on them. Some examples include Creamed Corn, Stinky Socks, and Picking Your Nose. Each round consists of the judge for the round flipping over a green card from the deck. The green card contains an adjective, such as Distinguished, Unscrupulous, and Expensive. Each player then tries to Choose the best red card out of their hand to go with the green card turned over by the judge. Once everyone has played their card, the discussion begins. Each player offers suggestions to the judge, trying to convince them to choose the card they played. Eventually, the judge chooses which one they like the best, and that player wins the round. They get to keep the green card, and become the next judge. Play continues until one player has collected enough green cards to be declared the winner.

In Closing

I discovered this game at a party with friends, and within a week had already bought a copy for myself. I have since played Apples to Apples with my family many times, as well as with a variety of friends. This game is fun every single time you play, and the people I have played with and I still remember fun moments from games we played months and even years ago. I have created many memories with this game, and I strongly believe every household should have it.