Brinkman gas grills have been around for years and are one of the more known names when it comes to grilling products. However, when compared to many other name brand grills, you'd be surprised to know that Brinkman doesn't stand up as well as most others.

While Brinkman gas grills sport tons of features, they can't boast the durability and quality that most other grills in its class do.

The up side to owning a Brinkman gas grill is that those features will be able to distract you long enough to make you buy it, gets home, and put it together.

These gas grills are a little trickier than their competitors to operate and just plain grill on simply because of all those bells and whistles involved. Aside from that fact, the inexpensiveness of the grill can be considered a little suspicious on its own and lead someone to believe that the quality is a little less than questionable itself.

With a warming rack, side burner, and porcelain coated cooking grates, the Brinkman grills have everything that people are looking for in a grill.

While it can be great to have all of these things, too many features can be a distraction – especially while cooking.

The easy start ignition also raises some flags and concerns when it comes to families containing small children. Is it safe, is it not safe? This could lead to disasterous consequences.

Sadly, Brinkman grills also don't offer the great warranty that most other companies back their products with. With only a two year, limited warranty, Brinkman grills only reveal their stipulations on this contract only after purchase.

Overall, Brinkman gas grills have everything that a person could ever want, but when you sacrifice quality for quantity, you're asking for it.

Safety is a concern even with people who don't have families and when it comes to Brinkman, this is a gray area; especially with the easy start ignition.

When compared to models in the same price category, Brinkman grills have more features and less safety and lack the ease of use that other brands provide with their grills.

Being able to easily maneuver about the grill is essential to even adult's safety. In short, these grills can be clunky, unattractive, and less durable than more expensive brands.

However, this doesn't mean you should discount it. Brinkman grills feature a lot of the hot commodities that everyone looks for in a grill and all in one model in some cases.

Dig in deep to do research before deciding on exactly what model you would like to invest when it comes to Brinkman grills because there are some great models out there. However, in comparison to more well known names like weber, Brinkman will not stand up or even put up much of a fight.

Looking for a grill with a lot of great add-ons, though? Then Brinkman is your man. Just make sure to bring some extra cooking space, keep all children away, and invest in an extended warranty – just in case.