Emu Australia Ladies Kimba Mid Boots

Emu boots look great and are this winter's big fashion statement. A less expensive alternative to Ugg Boots, they last for years and they look great. I own two pairs of Emu Australia boots – the Kimba Mid and the Paddington Hi.

Here's my review of the Emu Australia Kimba Mid Boots:

I bought my Kimba Mid boots just over 18 months ago, so they are now going into their third winter. They are available to buy in 3 colors – Black, gray and chestnut, which is a nice mid brown. I own the gray, which is a nice slate mid-gray shade that's neither too pale or too dark. They have a bluey-grey hint to them. They are made from suede and have a merino wool lining down to the ankles.

The boots come quite wide fitting and there is plenty of room to tuck jeans into the top. If you have narrow feet and calves it may be a problem, but I don't - so they fit just great. I find that the sizes of the Emus come up a little big, so if you're borderline size-wise, go down a size.

They look great with jeans tucked in and even on me (I'm quite tall), they reach to the start of my mid-calf. They have just the right amount of slouch in them and they don't sag after wearing.

The Kimba mid can be dressed up or down, making them boots that I get a lot of wear from. They are very flat, with a tiny heel, but they are really super comfortable. If you're used to a more solid heel from other Emu boots or Uggs, they may be a bit of a surprise, but for me, the thin sole isn't a problem and they are no less comfortable for it. Only now, after 18 months do they need re-heeling, so I think they have worn pretty well. As well as that, because they aren't as chunky as my other Uggs and Emus, I find I can start wearing them sooner in Autumn and keep them going right through the spring.

The one thing I would say, is to be sure to buy the Emu Australia Care Kit and use the protecting spray on them before use – caring for your Emu boots will mean they will look as good as new, even after a lot of wear. It's a shame that the wool lining doesn't go down to the feet as that would make them a whole lot warmer when it's really cold, but as I wear mine with thick socks, it's not really a show-stopper. However, many people find the merino wool lining a disappointment, when compared to the luxury of sheepskin lined boots, so take this into consideration before you buy.

  • Super comfy
  • Good for people with wide feet
  • Sizes come up a little big
  • Shame the wool lining isn't in the feet
  • Soles are thin
  • Soles have good grip for snow and ice
  • Great fashion look this winter

Overall, I love these boots and they have really done a great job for the money.

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