Emu Australia Ladies Paddington Hi Boots

Emu boots look great and are this winter's big fashion statement. A less expensive alternative to Ugg Boots, they last for years and look great. I own two pairs of Emu Australia boots – the Kimba Mid and the Paddington Hi.

Here's my review of my Emu Australia Paddington Hi Boots:

I bought my Paddington Hi boots just over 18 months ago, so they are about to go into their third winter. They are available to buy in 3 colors – Black, chestnut and chocolate. I own the chestnut (pictured above), which is a nice honey caramel tone. They are made from 100% sheepskin and have a sheepskin lining throughout.

The boots come quite wide fitting and there is plenty of room to tuck jeans into them. If you have narrow feet and calves it may be a problem, but I don't, so they fit me just great. The sizing of the Emus come up a little big, so if you're borderline size-wise, go down a size. Because they are open on the side with the toggle fastening, they would be good for people with wide calves too.

I'm quite tall and even on me, they stop mid calf. On someone more average size, they would easily reach the top of the calf. I was quite pleased with how long they were, I was anticipating shorter, so it was quite a result.

The Paddington Hi feature 3 toggle fastenings on them and I did have a problem – one of the toggles broke after just a few months of normal use. I spoke to Emu and they took care of repairing them – the service was good, so I have no cause for complaint there – it was fast and free and you can't tell they have been fixed.

The Emu Paddington boots have a 1/2" platform sole and 11/4" wedge heel. Emu boast that their sole is constructed with a special inner to support the foot (unlike Ugg Boots) and they certainly are comfortable to wear. The rubber outer sole did a great job on snowy and icy days of keeping my feet on the ground while battling through some very slippery conditions. What did happen though (understandably) is that in very deep snow, the snow managed to get through the sides of the boots between the toggles, so I did suffer the occasional damp patch.

The sheepskin inners are meant to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the winter and while I certainly feel they do a great job of keeping my toes toasty in the winter, for me, they are too hot to wear past early spring.

The one thing I would say, is to be sure to use the Emu Australia protecting spray on them before use – that way they will look as good as new, even after a lot of wear.

  • Super comfy
  • More support for feet than Uggs
  • Good for people with wide feet
  • Good for people with wide calves
  • Sizes come up a little big
  • Soles have good grip for snow and ice
  • Super cosy, even on the coldest days
  • Great fashion look this winter

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