Triple Berry Topping Calling

Smucker's Special Recipe Triple Berry Topping was calling my name for sometime. I'm a big fan of ice-cream, and this topping was strategically located on a shelf in the frozen section of the grocery store. After conflicting issues, the price mainly, I finally caved in and purchased a bottle. The Special Recipe Triple Berry Topping by Smucker's ended up being a pure delight to my taste buds. It's actually the first product of this nature that I didn't grow tired of before questioning the shelf life.

Smucker's Special Recipe Triple Berry

Ingredients -

Perhaps the reason it tasted so good was the fact that sugar is the first ingredient listed. Followed by strawberries and water. Then the other two berries, raspberries and blackberries. Of course, let us not forget the less than 2% junk - pectin, citric acid and potassium sorbate.


Smucker's Special Recipe Triple Berry Topping Ingredients

Pros of Smucker's Special Recipe Triple Berry Topping -

  • Delicious - The sauce was like music to my taste buds. It even tasted good on Moose Tracks ice-cream. I tried it on vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and Moose Track flavored ice-creams. I was not displeased with any of them. In fact, I was impressed and so was my 7 year old son.
  • Easy to find - Right there at the freezer door of Wal-Mart. What could be easier?
  • Diverse - Not only can this triple berry topping be used on sweets, it can be used to marinate pork chops and a variety other meats. The Smucker's website list some recipes.
  • Consistency - This special recipe sauce is not too thick , not too thin. The sauce is thinner than the strawberry topping, so it spreads more evenly. There is no need to heat it up for easy spreading, yet it's thick enough that it doesn't settle. I never had to stir or shake my jar.
Triple Berry Topping

Cons of Smucker's Special Recipe Triple Berry Topping -

  • Seeds - While I expect and like some seeds, some were too big. The seeds added a nice texture and "natural" feel, but again, some are too big and hard.
  • Price - I might just be a tightwad, but I found the price a bit steep. At almost 4 bucks a jar, it was a treat for me. However, the 18 ounce sized jar did go pretty far and is bigger than most topping jars.
  • Calories - Just because this product is made of berries, the number one ingredient is sugar. 2 tablespoons contain 90 calories. Because the product is so tasty and easy to spread, it's easy to use a lot. There is really no nutritional value either.
  • Not Natural - It does have berries, but they are not organic. The product is also sweetened with sugar and has preservatives.
Smucker's Special Recipe Triple Berry Topping Nutrition Facts

All in all I would buy Smucker's Special Recipe Triple Berry Topping again. Perhaps, to try it in a cake recipe, as I adore baking cakes.  Although this sauce will have to remain a special treat, I will be enjoying it on occasion. I didn't regret my purchase like I have with so many products that called my name.